Team:Emory iGEM 2016


Our first collaboration was with the Georgia State iGEM team. In 2014, the goal of Georgia State University’s iGEM team was to produce mambalgin-1 via a synthetic biological system. Mambalgin-1 is a peptide found in an extremely harmful venom native to black mambas. The task of milking these snakes is not only labor intensive, but dangerous, prompting research into alternative methods of producing this substance. Mambalgin-1 plays a critical role in the world of medicine as it mediates symptoms of and sometimes treats diseases such as epilepsy, cancer, and severe chronic pain.

To improve the part created by GSU, we decided to express mambalgin-1 in A. baylyi, and once it is purified, we will further characterize it by performing mass spectroscopy.

For more information on the work done by GSU, click here.

Our second collaboration was with the Imperial College iGEM team on their A.L.I.C.E. software. We submitted monoculture data from our A. baylyi experiments into their software program.