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  • Jasmine Carrothers Student Jasmine is a rising senior at Emory University majoring in Chemistry and International Studies. After graduating, she intends on pursuing a doctoral degree and would like to do research in medicine or public health. When she's not in the lab, you can find her playing tennis or reading a book!
  • Cyrillus Tan Student Cyrillus is a junior student at Emory College majoring in biology and computer science. While his research interest is to reform the personalized medicine with information technology, he is also a student of international economics concerning with modern business model. He intends to pursue a doctoral degree in biomedical informatics after graduation.
  • Talia Akoh-Arrey Student

    Talia is a senior at Emory University pursuing a double major in Neuroscience and Creative Writing. Following graduation, she is eager to begin her MD/PhD dual degree program and from there, would like to go on to do translational research in neuropharmacology. links.

  • Sujith Swarna Student Sujith is a sophomore at Emory University, majoring in Neuroscience and Psychology. Currently, he is researching the virulence of both S. aureus and S. pneumoniae. Outside of lab, he loves to play his guitar and piano. Every once in a while, he also likes to capture a Pidgey or two./span>
  • Kathy Pei Student Kathy is a sophomore at Emory University, majoring in Biology and Violin Performance. While at Emory, she works in Dr. Jin-Tang Dong's lab at Winship Cancer Institute learning lab practices and assisting Emory graduate students in their research.Outside of the lab, she focuses more of her time on music, video games, and the occasional inspired workout.
  • Mone Anzai Student Mone is a sophomore student at Emory College studying biology and psychology. She currently works at an HIV lab Yerkes national primate research center, but hopes to pursue research in psychiatric disorders in the future.
  • Michael Hwang Student Michael is an Emory College sophomore pursuing degrees in Biology and Chemistry. While at Emory, he works at Dr. Yoon's lab assisting an investigator researching about treatments for diabetic neuropathy. He is also part of the Emory iGEM team working on quite an exciting synthetic biology research. When he is outside of lab, he spends his time reading books and playing squash!
  • Maruf Hoque Secondary PI Maruf completed his bachelors and masters at Georgia State University. He was the iGEM graduate advisor at GSU in 2014-2015. Afterwards, he became a lab coordinator at Emory University in the department of Rehabilitation Medicine and is looking forward to enrolling in a Neuroscience graduate program in 2017.
  • Dr. Ichiro Matsumura Primary PI Ichiro was once an undergraduate at MIT and subsequently at Ph.D. student at UC Berkeley. He was a postdoc at UT Austin before he became an assistant prof at Emory University. He normally studies mechanisms of adaptive protein evolution; he believes that evolutionary theory is the best instruction manual for biological engineers.