Team:Emory iGEM 2016


Our objective was to prove that A. baylyi is an easier and comparable substitute for E. coli. We proved this by showing that both vectors have equal transformation abilities and can grow at comparable rates. The successful expression of the reporter gene, E. coli gusA indicated by the blue colonies formed on media containing histochemical substrate X-gluc demonstrates the success of A. baylyi transformation. The transformation of A. baylyi has been proved to be repeatable in the experiments. Restriction mapping on the plasmids from A. baylyi with similar protocol of mini-preparation show that the fidelity of A. baylyi plasmids are as high as E. coli plasmids. For collaboration as well as a proof-of-concept, we subcloned Mambalgin-1 into the shuttle vector and use it to transform both E. coli and A. baylyi and grew 37 colonies and 71 colonies, respectively. Also, A. baylyi has a doubling time of 43.8 minutes and the doubling time of E. coli is generally 30 minutes. Relative to other strains that can take nearly double the time of E. coli, A. baylyi has a comparable growth rate. Therefrom, A. baylyi has shown its ability as an alternative of the standard E. coli.