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Let's PLAy project - Bioproduction of PLA

Project Design

Synthetic biology takes design principles of engineering and applies them to natural biological systems, providing a toolbox for tuning gene elements and modifying cell metabolism. In our project, we aimed to apply these design principles to solve our PLA bioproduction problem. In order to do so, we took a series of steps that helped us decompose and achieve the task:

  1. Choosing a chassis (PLA System)
  2. Basic pathway analysis (PLA System)
  3. Implementation of the basic system (PLA System)
  4. Extended pathway analysis (Modeling)
  5. Study of feedback regulation systems (Modeling)
  6. Optimization through DIY bioprocess design (Improvements)

Analysing each of the steps individually allowed us to go into further detail on the theoretical conception of our project. We could read, document and discuss about key points of the whole PLA system, as well as work on them from different perspectives and using different tools: the first steps required strong documentation on background, afterwards we turned into the modeling approach to predict and approximate improvements, and finally we designed further insights taking into account human practices investigations.