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Let's PLAy project - Bioproduction of PLA


You can find below the list of parts that were reported and submitted to the iGEM registry.

Name Type Description Design Length (bp)
BBa_K2042000 Coding Propionate CoA transferase for P. putida Toky 1575
BBa_K2042001 Coding Pseudomonas resinovorans PHA synthase 1 Toky 1680
BBa_K2042004 Regulatory IPTG inducible promoter Robert 68
BBa_K2042006 Regulatory Cyclohexanone inducible promoter Robert 411

A part from the submitted parts, we reported other designed parts to the iGEM registry.

Name Type Description Design Length (bp)
BBa_K2042002 Coding Pseudomonas sp. MBEL 6-19 PHA synthase 1 Maria 1680
BBa_K2042003 RBS RBS Charlotte 7
BBa_K2042007 Terminator P. putida Terminator Maria 103
BBa_K2042008 Coding Engineered D-Lactate dehydrogenase (D-LDH*) Amir 1002
BBa_K2042009 Regulatory P. putida constitutive promoter Amir 40
BBa_K2042010 Translational units RBS + Pct Jonathan 1588
BBa_K2042011 Translational units RBS +PhaC_resinovorans Jonathan 1693
BBa_K2042012 Translational units RBS + PhaC_sp. MBEL 6-19 Delphine 1693
BBa_K2042013 Composite RBS +PhaC_resinovorans + RBS + Pct Delphine 3286
BBa_K2042014 Composite RBS + PhaC_sp. MBEL 6-19 + RBS + Pct Toky 3286
BBa_K2042015 Composite LDH* Generator Amir 1200
BBa_K2042016 Scar Non-coding scar site in between RBS and gene Toky 6
BBa_K2042017 Scar Non-coding sequence in between a gene and the next RBS Toky 5
BBa_K2042018 Scar Scar before LDH*constitutive promoter Toky 4
BBa_K2042019 Scar Spacer in between promoter and coding sequence Toky 7