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Let's PLAy project - Bioproduction of PLA


Wet Lab Results
Cloning Pct in pSB1C3
Cloning PhaC in pSB1C3
Constructing the operon PhaC-Pct No
Cloning in pSEVA to express PLA enzymes No
Constructing BioBrick IPTG promoter
Constructing Biobrick CH promoter
Characterizing BioBrick IPTG promoter (Achieved by iGEM Paris Bettencourt)
Characterizing BioBrick CH promoter
Improving Pct BioBrick
Improving PhaC BioBrick
Deleting PhaC WT gene No
Studying growth rates with glucose, glycerol and benzoate for selecting carbon source
Modeling Results
Representing a modeling strategy based on bio-circuits in order to control metabolic pathways dynamically
Doing Kappa model in order to study and solve the dynamic regulation system
Reconstructing the genome-scale metabolic network of our chassis containing PLA production pathway
Optimizing the metabolic network using FBA studying difference growth conditions and carbon sources and discovering the bathway bottlenecks
Collaboration Results
Performing an HPLC and MS for Paris Bettencourt
Studying growth rate for Imperial College
Integration of Human Practices
Conception of an optimizing Bioprocess and construction of key parts in a DIY manner