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Our 2016 GSU iGEM team would like to thank IDT, Snapgene, GSU Student Academic Team Student Fees Committee, GSU STEM Office, and the GSU Honors College for providing funding and services to our team
We would like to acknowledge these individuals and their dedication to the GSU-iGEM team: Our two academic advisors, Dr. Matthew Brewer and Dr. Victoria Mariani, gave us insights and navigated us throughout our project. Our graduate advisors Jessica Siemer and Joseph Whitley helped introduce new lab techniques to the team and gave advice that helped prepare the team for the Giant Jamboree. Our graduate student mentors, Tran Deng and Sri Lekha Chitturi for helping us troubleshooting our lab techniques.  Our lab coordinator, Derrica Burke, provided a safe and clean lab environment for the tea.  Debbie Walthall trained us to use our core facilities, and helped us become trained on flow cytometry and develop a flow cytometry protocol for the interlab study. Mohammed Awad provided for Web Development. Joss Wakamo and Holly Bowman for creating logos and other GSU-iGEM designs.
Due to the newly passed law regarding cannabidiol in Georgia, Mayor Ted Terry of Clarkston informed us with useful information for our legislative outreach. We were able to create plants tissue culture and create more efficient tissue culture protocols in lab thanks to the assistance of the Kylie Bucalo who is the founder of the molecular biology lab at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. Cynthia Montaya was kind enough to inform us on how the Haleigh’s Hope Act is affecting cancer patients in Georgia.
LAB WORK ATTRIBUTIONS Plant work was completed by Derrica Burke, Grace Sado, and Holly Bowman. Mambalgin project was completed by Qamaruddin Paykargar, Monica Polite, and Saleh Alhssan. CBDA synthase project was completed by Kayla Ginn, Joseph Whitley, Tony Tran, Holly Bowman, and Ehizojie Sado. Possum project was completed by Cara Jones, Tatenda Tela, Saleh Alhssan, John Richardson, and Julia Ngo. Outreach with Next Generation Man, high school biology club, was completed by Ari Jones, Holly Bowman, Kayla Ginn, Tony Tran, Julia Ngo. UGA collaboration was completed by John Richardson and Cara Jones. Interlab study was completed by John Richardson and Cara Jones. Chemistry and CBGA synthesis work was done by Trung Nguyen. Legislative outreach was completed by Julia Ngo, Monica Polite, and Holly Bowman. Outreach on the Mambalgin project was completed by Monica Polite as she interviewed Dr. Gerald Moody, M.D. who is a Diplomat of the American board of Anesthesiology in pain management and a Board member of the Georgia Society of Anesthesiologists. Monica also interviewed Adrian Strydom, University Student at Centurion Academy – Field of study: Nature Management, South Africa, to gain information on neurotoxins. Last but not least, thank-you to all the students that helped the team in lab during their free time and all of our sponsors.



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