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Creating A Plant Nursery

In previous years, the progress of our project has been impeded by the obstacles related to growing and maintaining healthy tobacco plants. After having entire crops die year after year, we were determined to create a foolproof system. This year we devoted ourselves to researching developing a relatively automatic care system that has proven to be both efficient and successful in maintaining plant growth. Our automated homemade hydroponic growth system, nicknamed the Bulbasaur Nursery, has saved our team time and money and allowed us to progress much farther.

The Following is a description of our plant growing apparatus:

Materials for Plant Bulbasaur Nursery

1. 3-tier Grow Cart from Carolina Biological

2. Adjustable table top Grow Cart from Carolina Biological

3. Grow lux fluoresce Grow lights

4. Shower curtain (2)

5. Curtin rods (2) and hooks

6. Aluminum foil

7. Duct Tape

8. Light Timer (3)

Growth Containers

1. 8 oz. empty water bottles

2. 16 oz. empty container

3. 5-gallon bucket

4. 3-gallon tote tubes

5. Assortment of household containers

Planting medium

1. Vermiculite (Lowes)

2. Perlight (Lowes)

3. Potting Mix miracle grow

4. Peat gravel (Lowes)

Grow tent construction (Germinaton and seedling growth corner)

1. Walls linned with aluminum foil curtain.

2. Light source 2in away from to of planter or 3in from top of young plants.

3. Plant seeds or transfer established plants

4. Mist planter daily with water filled spray bottle

5. Keep foil curtan closed to maintain high humidity and temperature of no more the 37 degreed C and no less than 25 degree C.

6. Install a thermometer in every grow chamber

Green house construction (Grow cart)

1. Mount curtion rods to top of fixture using a poswer screw driver and a drill bit ans several metal screws.

2. Add plants and adjust light height to appropriate level allowing for maximum light absorptyion of the plants . Take care not to allow any portion of the plant to come in contact with tee grow lights as thay are very hot.

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