Project Design

The project was preliminary designed by Ruihao Li, Sharey Cheng and Wangjie Liu. Also many brainstorming meetings including all the team membership were held, and then we established our whole project.

Wet Lab Work

Lin Di, Yufeng Mo, Tianxiong Xiao and Jiahui Fan primary designed the experimental scheme. Sharey Cheng and Wangjie Liu modified it and promote the whole experimental procedure. And all of these members, including Ruiyan Zhang, Sharey Cheng, Wangjie Liu, Zhenyi Guo, Zhi Zeng, Jiyue Qin, Lin Di, Yufeng Mo, Tianxiong Xiao, Guozhao Wu, Xiaoyang Li, Fengyi Li, Xiao Deng, Yiyan Yu and Yubei Sun , carried out the experiments.


Our modeling job are mainly taken in charge by Ruihao Li, Weizhi Zhang and Yuanzhe Shao.


All the content of this wiki were provided by HUST-China team. Wiki framework was constructed by Guojin Chen. Art and design was done by Sharey Cheng and Liangshiyu Liu. Sharey Cheng, Yufeng Mo and Junyu Ren also made a project video for our project.

Human Practices

The main organizers of “HUST-Cheering!” intercommunions are Ruiyan Zhang and Sharey Cheng. All members of HUST-China team helped in holding this regional jamboree. Sharey Cheng and Ruiyan Zhang also conducted High school polularization of iGEM and synthetic Biology in Wuhan. Thank Jiahui Fan and Wenjing Li for media publicity.


Professor Yunjun Ya

Professor Kang Ning

Dr. Yi Zhan

Thanks for their generous support and careful guidance.

Special Thanks

Especially thanks Dr Wu Liu for providing the pet-duet-1 vector .

Thanks Dr Genhan Zha, Dr Wu Liu and Dr Guanlin Li for their direct guide in experiment.



This project was supported by Huazhong University of science and technology, College of Life Science and Technology and Qiming college of HUST.

Mathworks supplied free software.

TsingKe and provided primer synthesis and sequencing service.

IDT provided free DNA sunthesis service.