Team Roster

Team Roster

Dr. Yi Zhan Primary PI

Dr. Yi Zhan is a Student Affair Officer in College of Life Sci. & Tech. Huazhong University of Sci.&Tech.. He got his PhD at Huazhong University of Sci.&Tech.. Dr. Zhan is in charge of the instruction of group project and experiment design.

Prof. Yunjun Yan Secondary PI

Prof. Yunjun Yan is a professor and principle investigator of College of Life Sci. & Tech., Huazhong University of Sci.&Tech.. Prof. Yan provides laboraties for experiments and gives us many precious suggestions about our project.

Prof. Kang Ning Secondary PI

Prof. Kang Ning is a professor of College of Life Sci. & Tech., Huazhong University of Sci.&Tech.. His main research area is bioinformatics. This year, we are so glad that Prof. Ning is our advisor in modeling and grateful for his guidance.

Dr. Qian Ge Instructors

Dr. Qian Ge is the director of Student Affair Office in College of Life Sci. & Tech., Huazhong University of Sci.&Tech.. She got her PhD at Huazhong University of Sci.&Tech.. Dr. Ge is in charge of the team’s funding resource and team management.

Yanzhi Xia Instructors

Yanzhi Xia is a Student Affair Officer in College of Life Sci. & Tech. She helped us coordinate the use of instrument, which means a lot to our whole project.

Zhangyu Cheng Student leader

Hi there, I'm team leader of HUST-China 2016. Glad to join IGEM this year. I major in Biology technology and know something about genetic engineering. I took the responsibility of experimental courses training, brainstroming, project management,experiment, website and human practices. It was really a big challenge for me. I am happy to meet people with enthusiasm and energy. I am looking forward to meeting you!

Ruihao Li leader of modeling group

Hello everybody, I’m a student of Life Science who hasn’t forgotten everything about mathematics yet. Besides, I’m a big fan of animation and games. Looking forward to seeing iGEMers~

Wangjie Liu leader of experimental group

Hello,iGEMers,l am Wangjie Liu.You can also call me zero.Sometimes zero is nothing,but some of the time zero means everything.

Lin Di member of experimental group

I'm Lin Di,a sophomore majoring in Bio-technology.Since September 2015,I became a memeber of HUST-China team , began to take part in project design and experiment pushing.The experience of iGEM is undoubtedly memorable to me.Here,I grow from a green hand into an explorer of Molecular Biology,perhaps from the scratch.Here,I make up with a group of friends who share the same goal and we work together to achieve it.Here,I really find a lot of fun in Synthetic Biology during the one-year project processing.Above all,I hope myself and our team will make more progress in future.

Yufeng Mo member of experimental group

I'm Yufeng Mo,a junior student majoring in bioscience.Everytime in the lab,I am bursting with energy.I am good at bringing laughters and also troubles in the lab.Luckily,most of the troubles were settled with the help of my teammates.In my spare time,I like to play volleyball.I often daydream about being a scientist playing the best volleyball.In our team,I was responsible for experimental scheme and the lab work.Thoughout this process,I gained both knowledge and experience.

Xiao Deng member of experimental group

I’m Xiao Deng, a sophomore majoring in bio-technology.Doing experiments is a way to strengthen my logical thinking. Each failure can help me find my weakness and overcome them. I’m also interested in image processing. Being a member of a team is really hard, but I’ll never stop without making any achievements.

Yubei Sun member of experimental group

Hello everyone, I’m Yubei Sun. Glad to meet you here. I joined HUST-China on December 2015 as a reserve member for experiment team, and now I’m a regular team member. During this time, I’ve learnt a lot about synthetic biology, iGEM, the efficient way of searching for information I need and the most important thing--teamwork. I really enjoy brainstorming when I participated in 2016 project conceiving process. Because on one hand, we were required to consult numerous articles, on the other hand, it gave us the chance to compose our ideas freely and logically. So what appeals to you to keep passion for iGEM for almost one year?

Tianxiong Xiao member of experimental group

My name is Tianxiong Xiao,20 years old,a junior at Huazhong University of Science and Technology.I major in biotechnology and particaped in iGEM-HUST-China one year ago.In my spare time,I usually play League of Legends (lol) and basketball. Listening to music is a good way to relax myself.Taylor Swift and BIGBANG are my favorite singers.I love them so much. \(≧▽≦)/

Long Cheng member of experimental group

Hello,my name is Long Cheng,a member of iGEM-HUST-China.I am glad to take part in this project and had a wonderful time preparing for the competition.I enjoy looking for creative ways to reach my goals and never get tired of it.In my spare time,I have broad interest like many other youngsters.I am so interested in Chinese classical culture ,especially poetry and music.And I have a lot of friends to compare notes with.I know that if you want to be successful, it is necessary to have a hard struggle and be positive to face all the problems.For this reason, I am still working and struggling.

Weizhi Zhang member of modeling group

Hello, my name is Weizhi Zhang. I am a HUSTer and major in bioinformatics. In our team, I work with another mate in modelling part. Modelling can be really enjoyable, though you may face with some unexpected and strange bugs in your codes. However, it would be an achievement every time you bring out a perfect result. This time, I mainly focus on the translation between biological circuit and ODE equations in eucaryon. Hope you guys love the things our team designed, and give some advice on our modelling parts. iGEM, coming!~

Xiaoyang Li member of experimental group

Hi! My name is Xiaoyang Li, a sophister majoring in biotechnology of Huazhong University of S&T. I am 18 years old.I passed the interview on December 2015, and became a reserve member of experimental team. During the period, I learned a lot in molecular biology and synthetic biology. And in this summer holidays, I stayed at school and learned the experimental skills. Even in the later stage, I could push a little part of our project. In the team, I get a lot.Hope we can make a great performance this year.

Yiyan Yu member of experimental group

Hello!I am Iris,a team member of HUST-China.Growing up in Taishan,Guangdong,a small town quite near the south China sea,I have developed great interest in biology,which leads me to joining our team.As a freshman,I undertake my responsibility as an assistant that I pay efforts to help with the experiment part,which not only deepens my understanding of synthetic biology but also cures my indolence.Surely,apart from my lab life,I also enjoy other parts of my college life,such as attending music concerts and participating in sports.Nice to meet you here!

Ruiyan Zhang member of HP

I’m Ruiyan Zhang, a team member of iGEM HUST-China. I graduated from Huazhong University of Science and Technology this summer, and currently I am a graduate student at Second Institute of Oceanography, SOA, majoring in marine biology. For the past year at HUST, I had had an incredible experience as a member of team HUST-China. I spent much time at lab with other team members to fulfill our project. And I also took part in the job of Human Practices, which gave me the chances to make acquaintance with many iGEMers around the country. I do cherish the time we spent together and the knowledge I learnt while preparing for iGEM competition.

Zhi Zeng member of experimental group

Hello, I'm Zhi Zeng, a junior student majoring in biotechnology. It's the second year for me to participate in iGEM, and this year I'm also a member of our experiment team, responsible to the construction of our circuits. I'm looking forward to the Giant Jamboree and believe that we can have a great week in Boston this year. Wish for a wonderful Jamboree!

Yuanzhe Shao member of modeling group

I am Yuanzhe Shao, a member of the modeling part. I mainly take charge of the programing and the result analysis. As a new participant of iGEM, I have learnt a lot through solving such a difficult task, and this is also my first experience to complete a complex project in teamwork like this. I also learnt how to work with others better, how to maximize the strength of the teamwork. iGEM also brings me fun. When I was under the pressure of academic, I found that learning new things and solving the biological problem became an effective way to relieve myself. And I am looking forward to exchanging the novel ideas with teams from worldwide.

Zhenyi Guo member of experimental group

Hello everyone ,my name is Zhenyi Guo,I’m 21 years old .Now,I’m a undergraduate student in HUAZHONG university of science and technology.I’m a little cute and a little fat.I like playing Pingpang and badminton.Dogs and pandas are my favourite animals,because dogs are very nice to get along with and pandas are very cute.I’m outgoing and like to make frenids.

Jiyue Qin member of experimental group

Hi~My name is Jiyue Qin.Now I am a junior student majoring in biology science in HUST. I have just celebrated my 20-year birthday in August and I'm an easygoing girl.I love badminton and movies,especially feature films.As sweet food is my favourite,I enjoy baking cookies and making cakes in my spare time.iGEM is such a challenging and meaningful competition that I enjoy it and make efforts with hesitation!

Fengyi Li member of experimental group

My name is Li Fengyi. I study at Huazhong University of Science and Technology and became a member of the team Hust-China last year when I was a freshman. I am 19 years old now and this is my first time to work on something that, in some way, is called scientific research. I learned a lot with the help and dedication of other team members and get on well with them. Being part of this great team, I helped to come up with the theme and push the process of our project. I am nobody but a member of team Hust-China.

Guozhao Wu member of experimental group

I’m Guozhao Wu, a junior majoring in bioscience. It’s a great pleasure to join the competition this year. I like music and I am a hearthstone player! Glad to see you, iGEMers!

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