Team:Hong Kong UCCKE/Collaborations

Team: Hong Kong HKU

In mid April, our team had our first meeting with HKU iGEM team. In that meeting, we exchanged our project idea with their team members. They raised a few questions upon our project and shared their past experience with us.

During the wet lab in the summer, we suffered from unsuccessful transformation of a designed composite. HKU iGEM team kindly offered help by transforming the composite for us in their lab.

In the final stage in our project, we presented our project to HKU team members. They suggested a few ideas for us to improve our presentation and gave some useful guidelines for the iGEM competition. We gratefully honour their help throughout our project.

Team: LMU TUM Munich

It is our great honour to be invited by Munich United IGEM team to collaborate with them and help them out with filling their survey form. Although our project is still under a laboratory testing phase with no intention to enter the market in a foreseeable time, their focus on putting research work into real world application has definitely broaden our view--we can actually put our ideas into something on the market! Maybe you will see biochemical-synthesized repellent and attractant out on the market some day. Please kindly check out their website too! Team:LMU-TUM_Munich

Team: Evry

How lucky are we! Not only invited by Evry IGEM team, we are also invited by team EVRY to help them collect data by answering their questionnaire. Their questionnaire includes comprehensive information of their project and some cool insight of the most up-to-date biotechnology. Not only did it show us the most modern Biology, it also inspired us to focus more in green living style: to make a sustainable future with our living standard not being diminished. We are also very grateful to be have this chance. Team:Evry