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About our team

We are a group of secondary students from United Christian College (Kowloon East) in Hong Kong. Being a relatively new school in the city, UCCKE supports innovative ideas and attempts to try new things.

Our team is formed as an extracurricular activity group, calling the Biology Research Team. Albeit the limited resources we own and proficiency of experience, we aim to study Synthetic Biology through experiments and researches. For the days onwards, We look for more opportunities to interchange knowledge and gain experiences.





About our school

United Christian College (Kowloon East) founded in 2003. We are an EMI and co-ed school with an enrolment of about 900 students. The teachers are dedicated and qualified, 50% of them are with master or doctorate degrees.

The school provides a different sky of learning with a broad and challenging curriculum. Our priority is to offer an all-rounded and quality education, emphasising academic excellence, broadening international perspective and fostering positive and lasting godly values in the lives of our students. United Christian Community Church, which is part of the School, further provides pastoral support to the school community. Together with committed teachers who are dedicated to Christian school education, the school find pride in making United Christian College (Kowloon East) a unique quality Christian secondary school in Hong Kong. [1]

About our members

Here is a list of our members, listed in alphabetical order. Click on those images to learn more about us.

About our instructors

Here is a list of our instructors.

Kelvin Shek

Murphy Ho


[1]: UCCKE (2016) About UCCKE, Available at: (Accessed: 7th October 2016).