Team:Hong Kong UCCKE/Human Practices


The Biology Research Team of UCCKE has been been promoting science in UCCKE with our full dedication. The following activities is what we have done in the past year to both the team and the fellow student of our school in aim to cultivate a research and scientific atmosphere in UCCKE and to let students develop their potential in Science.

Education and Public Engagement

We have been working whole-heartedly in promoting science, especially in synthetic biology. Sharing the joy of knowing and doing synthetic biology is always our pleasure. We have weekly courses held on every monday afterschool, featuring theorotical sessions and practical wet-lab techniques trainings. Throughout the year, we have a total of three sharing occasions to our school, covering about 1200 secondary and primary students. These sharing are science talk to the whole school, science game booth in the Academic Week and some experiment sessions with primary school students on Science Days. On top of promoting synthetic biology to our fellow students, we share our knowledge and experience with our parents. They are especially interested in our team and project. For core team members, there are extra training during our summer vacation on conducting assays on C.elegans, the subject in our project. Before joining iGEM 2016, junior and senior form teamates has completed local science competitions in order to enhance our problem solving skills and communications between local school as to broaden our vision. Finally, we conducted a survey to see if the Hong Kong Government have done enough to promote and help local research projects and concluding some problems and suggestions for the Government to reference to.