Team:Hong Kong UCCKE/Web Design


  • Make the website user-friendly
  • Create a good website structure with beautiful graphics
  • Ensure brand is leveraged to establish positive recall with the visitor
  • Make it easy for the users to navigate to every section of the site
  • Make core information available with reduced number of clicks
  • Overall make the site look sleeker to give an edge over competitors


  • Content Strategy
  • Mobile Accessibility
  • Use of ViewPort
  • All scripts hosted in iGEM system

Phase 1 - Prototyping

Our website is a information-heavy website, while displaying all datas, we wish to enhance user experience by allowing users to read and navigate around our site easily. The general design direction enabled a defined and engaging user experience, enticing the user to navigate gradually through the site at a leisurely pace.

Phase 2 - Style Concepts

Phase 3 - Bringing It All Together