Our Achievements

Bronze Medal

  • We have registered Team Tianjin on March 30th, 2016 and been accepted on May 11th, 2016. We spent the whole summer vacation and half of the fall semester to work for our project.
  • We have registered the Giant Jamboree and planned for the travel.
  • We have made wiki, poster and prepared for the presentation for Giant Jamboree.
  • We have finished our judge form before deadline. Click here to see judge form of our team.
  • We have documented 17 new parts and shipped them to the Registry via GenScript Corporation, all submissions adhered to the iGEM Registry guidelines. Click here to see our parts and Click here to see our shipment information.
  • We have finished all the safety forms before respective deadline. Click following links to see details: Check In, About Our Lab, About Our Project, Final Safety Form.
  • We have created a page on our wiki with clear attribution of each aspect of our project. To Attribution Page.

  • Silver Medal

  • Besides the parts we documented at Bronze Medal, we also documented 13 parts and characterized that they do work. For example, we test our part BBa_K2110008 and the data is documented in the Main Page section of the Registry entry for that Part. We also have submitted these parts to the iGEM Parts Registry via GenScript Corpotarion. Click here to see our parts
  • We have helped another team with their software Biodesigner Coral and shared our new ideas and problems with other iGEM teams. We also helped other teams with a survey union. To Collaboration Page.
  • We have conducted several human practices projects, which involved many aspects.

  • Gold Medal

  • We have integrated our human practices projects into our own project especially with the survey of the uses of plastic. The results of the survey demonstrate that there remains a lot about plastic degradation to do in order to resolve such a serious problem of environment pollution. Click here to see the survey.
  • We have improved the former part BBa_K339007 constructed by iGEM10_Calgary as well as its subpart BBa_K135000 constructed by iGEM08_BCCS-Bristol by changing the RFP reporting protein gene to the ddpX gene, whose expression product ddpX will cause cell lysis of E.coli. The improved part is BBa_K2110008.
  • We proved the effectiveness of the PETase gene by constructing the BBa_K2110200. We proved that it is viable to introduce microbial consortia into the biodegradation process by constructing the part BBa_K2110015 and BBa_K2110016. We proved the effectiveness of protein modification by constructing the part BBa_K2110100, BBa_K2110101, BBa_K2110102, BBa_K2110103, BBa_K2110104, BBa_K2110105, BBa_K2110106, BBa_K2110107, BBa_K2110108, BBa_K2110109. We proved the effectiveness of ddpX gene by constructing the part BBa_K2110008.
  • We use the PET film bought online which is originally used as packing material as our degradation reagent. The result is delighting. Though we did not release the modified organism into real world, we still successfully proved that our system can work under simulated conditions in the lab. We also apply the microbial consortium into the project considering that in real world condition all the microorganisms are living together with each other and it is impossible to find a independently existing organism. Therefore, microbial consortium is much closer to the real world condition compared to the single kind of organism.

  • Therefore, we do believe that we deserve a Gold Medal Prize.

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