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Parts For R-R System

Biobrick Type Description Length
BBa_K2110000 Basic CYC1 Terminator 248
BBa_K2110012 Basic PGK1 promoter 781
BBa_K2110017 Basic α-factor signal peptide 267
BBa_K2110001 Basic TPA inducible Leader sequence 96
BBa_K2110002 Basic TPA positive feedback regulatory gene 807
BBa_K2110003 Basic TPA transporting protein gene 1380
BBa_K2110004 Basic D-alanyl-D-alanine dipeptidase gene 582
BBa_K2110005 Composite TPA inducible RFP expression system 2111
BBa_K2110006 Composite TPA regulatory gene expression system 1850
BBa_K2110007 Composite TPA transporting protein gene expression system 2425
BBa_K2110008 Composite inclusion body induced cell lysis system 665

Parts For Microbial Consortium

Biobrick Type Description Length
BBa_K2110009 Basic phage P22 holins 327
BBa_K2110010 Basic phage P22 auxiliary lysis factors 438
BBa_K2110011 Basic phage P22 endolysins 441
BBa_K2110013 Basic PETase enzyme after codon optimization for bacillus subtilis 885
BBa_K2110014 Basic MHETase enzyme after codon optimization for bacillus subtilis 1848
BBa_K2110015 Basic The key gene for accumulation of PHA in P.putida KT2440 978
BBa_K2110016 Basic The key gene for utilization of ethylene glycolin P.putida KT2440 1326

Parts For Protein Modification

Biobrick Type Description Length
BBa_K2110800 Basic PETase 795
BBa_K2110100 Basic PETase site-directed mutant A240P 795
BBa_K2110101 Basic PETase site-directed mutant S207T 795
BBa_K2110102 Basic PETase site-directed mutant M154L 795
BBa_K2110103 Basic PETase site-directed mutant N205V 795
BBa_K2110104 Basic PETase site-directed mutant R90A 795
BBa_K2110105 Basic PETase site-directed mutant I208V 795
BBa_K2110106 Basic PETase site-directed mutant S238V 795
BBa_K2110107 Basic PETase site-directed mutant L117F 795
BBa_K2110108 Basic PETase site-directed mutant I208F 795
BBa_K2110109 Basic PETase site-directed mutant S238F 795
BBa_K2110200 Composite PETase expression system in Saccharomyces cerevisiae 1961

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