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Great Biology Pharmaceutical CO.LTD

Fermentation Cylinder
Fermentation Cylinder

We visited Great Biology Pharmaceutical CO.LTD on August 30th in Beichen District, Tianjin. The company focuses mainly on the production of animal medicine. There were many fermentation cylinders in the workshop. Staff in the company introduced the functions and operation methods of the tanks to us and rendered us realize the difference between textbook knowledge and practical production.

Then, the manager, who is also our upperclassman, told us much experience about the sophisticated society, which made us know the temporary conditions of the biochemistry domain.

It was really a nice trip!


Tianjin Nankai Hecheng Science & Technology Co.,Ltd

At 2:00pm on September 18th,we arrived at Tianjin Nankai Hecheng Science & Technology Co.,Ltd. It is a high and new technology enterprise invested by Nankai technology enterprise invested by Nankai University, TEDA Venture Investment company and a group of excellent scientists. The main products include solid phase synthesis resins, pharmaceutical absorbent resins, resin for enzyme immobilization, ion-exchange resins and resins for chromato-graphic separation.

We met the manager in charge of the production department. He showed us around the workshop and we saw the large-scale facilities in factory production. We realized that it is still a long way to the mass production. Meanwhile, we introduced the iGEM competition and our project this year. He stated that iGEM contributed many novel ideas to the development of synthetic biology and cultivate many talents in this domain. Then he asked about the iGEM homepage for the further knowledge of it.

Finally we took a photo together and the manager wished good luck to us.

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