Here we thank the people who made this project possible


Anders Virtanen
Lab course administrator

Thank you for all of the support during the spring and summer, and for making it possible for us to do lab work during the summer.

Mikael Nissbeck
Lab course teaching assistant
iGEM guru

Thank you for all your patience and the technical support about experimental procedures.

Sethu Madhava Rao Gunja
Lab course teaching assistant

Thank you for all of the patience and the technical support about experimental procedures.

Thanks to

Maria Wilén and Peter Lillhager

For a great amount of support with lab logistics and for helping us getting hold of everything we needed! We are especially grateful that they were always present and happy to provide answers to our never-ending tide of questions.

Gunnar Johansson and Kristoffer Lundmark

For access to fluorometer, guidance about chromatography, and support for interlab study.

Margareta Krabbe

For helping us with everything related to the faculty and our courses.

Gerarth Wagner

For guidance in planning the insertion of UnaG by using of CPF1.

Magnus Lundgren

For the information about use of CRISPR/Cas system in genome editing.

Erik Gullberg

For help in the designing of pre-crRNA.

Hagen Richter

For information about the processing of pre-crRNA.

Daniel Camsund

For the guidance about how to proceed for the cleavage test of GFP and Ampicillin Resistance coding sequences by using CPF1.

Anthony Forster

For the good critical insight of our experimental procedure.

Özden Baltekin

For giving us PDMS and materials and for teaching us how to bake the chips as well as having introductory meetings.

Maja Hellsing

For access to 3D printer all summer and for instructions on how to use it.

Hauke Carstensen

For helping us with the 3D printer and giving us access every day.

Emil Marklund

For guidance on the modeling work.

Håkan Jönsson

For information on droplet microfluidics and donation of indium for the electrodes.

Maria Tenje

For access to corona discharger and advice on chip fabrication.

Mats Walldén

For all of the troubleshooting help and ideas with our chip fabrication.

Burkhard Zietz

For providing us with bilirubin.

Johan Elf

For guidelines on characterization of fluorescent proteins.

Thanks to

Fredrik Lindeberg

For recruiting the team, planning the iGEM year and leading the team. Provided troubleshooting tips and helped get the team up to speed in the lab. Was the link between the team and the faculty. Did the interlab study and general labwork.

Jonas Mattisson

For leading the team by performing necessary planning, providing leadership and guidance when needed, as well as by being a link between team and faculty. Instructed the rest of the team on how to perform many lab procedures as well as how to evaluate certain results, on top of performing ordinary lab work. Performed the collaboration lab work and had a hand in a lot on the wiki. Did also plan several team building activities.

Nicolai Junge Pedersen

For providing clear leadership and a true eye for details and numbers in the microfluidics group.
For contributing to the simulation and modelling work, as well as for making the initial reach outs to various science departments.

Olle Karlberg

Did a lot of the AutoCAD files Maintenance on Form 2 printer and in charge of making print order and making sure they got printed.
For having such a positive attitude and technical know how. Therefore being a real morale booster.

Sara Lundberg

For doing a lot of the printing work, making the manufacturing manual and helping out with electroporation.
For not backing down on any problem however difficult.

Maria Hesselman

For doing the presentation, making chips and doing the transformation experiments on the heat shock chip.
For always being the one that thinks things through, being incredibly ambitious and taking on much of the wiki work.
For doing yeast research and working with IMAC.

Sun Lee

For being the critical thinker.

Federico Turco

For leading the CRISPR group, providing knowledge and planning.
For finishing the biobricks.

Ida Isolehto

For setting collaborations, general labwork and housing team activities.
For doing yeast research.

Svanhildur Olafsdottir

For doing countless assembly’s and transformations during the summer.
For working with IMAC and providing equipment for team activities.

Grim Kalman

For contributing to the simulation and modelling work.
For working with IMAC, as well as always making sure there were coffee

Josef Pelcman

For making the graphics, invented the plexi-press and doing yeast research.
For his competence and flexibility to work in various areas of the project.

Jakob Nyberg

For making the wiki layout, for his patience in explaining and helping on any computer issue.
For never giving up when things don't go as expected on the lab.

Cecilia Furugård

For leading the UnaG lab group and performing research.

Tora Hävemark

For extensive lab work regarding UnaG For doing a lot of and helping others with SDS-page.
For providing great lab music and homemade cupcakes.

Carolina Viman

For doing sonications, as well as for working and helping out with IMAC procedures.

Delyan Georgiev

For having a lot of lab experience and never minding showing people how to do lab work.
For taking the team pictures.

Philip Löfgren

For researching, setup and working with IMAC.
For researching and finding parts for SEC.

Thanks to


For supporting us by providing their web based labjournal system eLabJournal, which we have used extensively throughout the summer.

National Genomics Infrastructure and SciLifeLab

For sponsoring us with Sanger sequencing.

Uppsala University

For providing us with a lab to work in, necessary equipment and the summer courses. Were are also very grateful for the sponsoring of iGEM related fees.