iGEM Warwick 2016 - Attributions


We have received generous funding support from BBSRC/WT/SEB fund for UK iGEM, Warwick's Innovative Manufacturing GRP programme, GenScript, IDT, Faculty of Science funding, Department of Engineering (including Andrew Little Fund), Department of Chemistry, School of Life Sciences/ WISB, Midlands Integrative Biosciences Training Partnership (MIBTP), and the Department of Physics. In addition, two students: Robert Richardson and Isobel Holden, have won individual awards to support their research from MIBTP and GRP, respectively. We are very grateful for the support and funding from these sponsors, helping us to achieve our goal and advance the field of synthetic biology.


We would like to give our thanks to our supervisors, without whom we would be lost in the maze of biology.

Prof Alfonso Jaramillo, Dr Manish Kushwaha, Mr Will Rostain, Mr Alexander Darlington, Dr Chuan Huang, Dr Miriam Rodriguez Garcia and Dr Emzo De-Los-Santos have been a huge help to this project, providing experience and expertise in the field of synthetic biology and modelling.

They have supported us throughout the project with teaching us the necessities of lab work, instructing us on RNA modelling and molecular computational models, checking our G-block and oligo orders for errors, and for being extremely patient with us through the ups and downs of the project. Additionally, we thank Manish for allowing us to use his unpublished GFP+dCas9 plasmid, and for building the web-interface for our software tool.

Further, we thank Gillian Scott for allowing us access to the Life Sciences Teaching laboratory facilities, and Amy Arnold and Graham Jones for the administrative support.