iGEM Warwick 2016 - Parts

Best Basic Part

Our best basic part that we have submitted is our sgRNA that contains two golden gate adaptors - one at the 5’ end replacing the standard 20 nucleotide targeting region, and another between the truncated and final terminator loops. The first golden gate adaptor allows for any twenty nucleotide targeting region to be inserted into our part, which allows endless variability with regards to the sequences with which it may bind. The second adaptor allows linkers or other alternative secondary structures to be introduced, such as RNA binding protein handles.


Best Composite Part

We have designated one of our fusion protein combinations as our best composite part. The fusion protein contains PP7 phage co-protein and an omega RNA polymerase factor. Our part has been designed to bind to a PP7 handle on an sgRNA, and cause the omega factor to be drawn towards the target site on the sgRNA.