iGEM Warwick 2016 - Safety

We would like to thank our collaborators for their help with various elements of our project.

Manchester iGEM provided us with a version of their model that could be modified and applied to our project. While we decided to use our in-house developed model, we have learnt valuable lessons from analysing their models and discovering how they could be adapted to our needs.

Sheffield iGEM and Cardiff iGEM participated in our efforts to educate and inform sixth formers from around the country in our open day, and invited us to travel to their universities to present our project. This provided us insight into how our presentations could be simplified and gave us valuable practice in presentation skills.

We contributed towards SVCE Chennai's troubleshooting of lab techniques for their project, and also for helping the entirety of the iGEM community.

Valencia iGEM aided us with modelling aspects of our gRNA system in exchange for help developing their molecular models. Through this, we achieved a greater understanding of the requirements for our system to activate gene expression.

Finally we would like to thank everyone who participated in the UK iGEM meetup for listening to our presentation and giving feedback on which elements of our poster and presentation could be improved and made more clear. We would like to give thanks specifically to Westminster iGEM for organising the event, and guest speakers, and providing the support and oversight that made it so successful.