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This year we've designed more than 20 parts, including 2 basic parts. All of the parts are designed ourselves and most of them have been tested to insure their reliability. To see their specific function, you can click here to learn about our project, or browse the specific page on by clicking on the part numbers.

Basic Parts

This year we've designed two basic parts. BBa_K1960102 is the sRNA which can silence chloramphenicol resistance, synthesized and cloned into pSB1C3 plasmid, and BBa_K1960103 codes formaldehyde dismutase from Halomonas sp.JC-5B, the sequence with BioBrick prefix and suffix is obtained by PCR.

Favorite Name Type Description Designer length
  BBa_K1960102 Device RNA silencing cassettes, which can silence chloramphenicol resistance Shijia Qi 292bp
  BBa_K1960103 Coding Formaldehyde dismutase from Halomonas sp.JC-5B Rengwei Liu 1200bp

Composite Parts

We've designed a series of composite parts this year, and most of them could be useful tools for constructing other devices or systems. There're also some new devices such as BBa_K1960000, an exquisite device for diagnosis, and its core subcomponent, BBa_ K1960002.

Favorite Name Type Description Designer length
 √ BBa_K1960000 Device Sensing device with switch for gram-negative bacterium Yawen Jiang 5347bp
 √ BBa_K1960002 Generator Toggle switch controlled by sensing device Yihang Zhou 3548bp
  BBa_K1960001 Reporter Reporter controlled by sensing device Zeyue Gao 932bp
  BBa_K1960003 Composite Quorum sensing controller for gram-negative bacterium with cyan fluorescent protein (CFP) Ziteng Liang 1791bp
  BBa_K1960004 Signalling Low-level expression of LuxR and the lux pR promoter Shijia Qi 1042bp
  BBa_K1960005 Composite R0011_B0034_C0051_B0015 Yuling Li 959bp
  BBa_K1960006 Composite R0051_B0034_I732100_B0015 Jinyu Wang 1298bp
  BBa_K1960007 Inverter Switch controller with lacI and cI Zuo Wang 2265bp
  BBa_K1960050 Signalling Mediate-level expression of LuxR and the lux pR promoter Yuan Cheng 1042bp
  BBa_K1960051 Signalling High-level expression of LuxR and the lux pR promoter Yu Zhu 1042bp
  BBa_K1960052 Generator LuxR protein generator and LuxR-AHL complex controlled synthetase for AHL Jiajin Yan 1711bp
  BBa_K1960053 Composite T4 exdolysin gene producer for bacteria lysis Yuan Cheng 671bp
  BBa_K1960054 Signalling GFP reporter and Self-induced synthetase for AHL Yawen Jiang 1644bp
  BBa_K1960100 Device Formaldehyde sensing device Yuan Zhao 1464bp
  BBa_K1960101 Device Formaldehyde dismutase production device Rengwei Liu 2130bp
  BBa_K1960104 Device Formaldehyde reporting device Bing Chen 3354bp
  BBa_K1960105 Composite J23100_B0034_K1960103 Yunpeng Bi 1261bp
  BBa_K1960106 Generator LuxI controlled by p-Formaldehyde Bing Chen 1401bp
  BBa_K1960300 Generator TerR generator with pLac Yuan Zhao 1048bp
  BBa_K1960400 Composite GFP and lacI Yihang Zhou 1987bp
  BBa_K1960450 Composite CFP and lacI, collaboration with Lanzhou iGEM Team 2016 Jinyu Wang 1835bp
  BBa_K1960900 Compostie P2 promoter with RBS Rengwei Liu 116bp

Because of the limited time, some of our parts could not been done or tested, but we still submitted most of the well-designed parts to the Registry.

Name: XMU-China School: Xiamen University

Address: Xiamen University, No. 422, Siming South Road, Xiamen, Fujian, P. R. China 361005

Name: XMU-China School: Xiamen University

Address: Xiamen University, No. 422, Siming South Road, Xiamen, Fujian, P. R. China 361005