Unity is strength.


There cannot be a good iGEM project without an excellent team! Our team consists of 16 creative students with interdisciplinary backgrounds from Xiamen University. All in all with joint forces and collective creativity, we will create something special in order to make our contribution to the fight against antibiotic-resistance. Scroll down the page and read about the individual team members.


Yu Zhu

I am an undergraduate from Xiamen University, majoring in Clinical medicine. I love smiling, travelling and music. I am a responsible girl and always try my best to complete my tasks. Thanks to iGEM where I learned a lot and made friends with those who are interested in synthetic biology.

Rengwei Liu

A boy majors in chemical biology, who has an enthusiastic interest in nature science with vagarious ingenuities. By the way, he also loves Chinese classical literature and Blizzard games. "Fake-out intelligence is mankind's greatest wealth."

Wei Guo

My name is GUO WEI, a sophomores from Xiamen University, major in life science. It's my pleasure to become a member of this team! And I really learned a lot from this experience!Extremely grateful to my teammates! Good luck to our team!

Yihang Zhou

Yihang Zhou, a man who is interested in everything. He tries to experience as many lives as possible during his negligible life. The essence of life is life itself. Of course, the life as a scientist is the one he doesn't want to miss.

Zeyue Gao

Born to be proud.

Jinyu Wang

I’m more than what I have become.

Zuo Wang

A boy who loves to smile.

Yuling Li

She is a really lovely girl.

Shijia Qi

Qi shijia, an undergraduate majoring in pharmacy, thinks he is more like an artist in science than a researcher and he enjoys every experiment during finishing the projects.

Yuan Zhao

ZHAOYUAN, a girl majors in chemistry, is a huge fan of John Depp. Also, she is a girl full of enthusiasm.

Yunpeng Bi

Bi is a green hand in iGEM. Though he will be impatient and irritable every Thursday (with some unknown reason). After all, with a mild temper in normal, he is willing to assist others as much as possible.

Bing Chen

As a perseverant girl, she loves reading. This summer, she devoted herself to the experiments and wiki. Learning new skills always makes her excited.

Yawen Jiang

Yawen Jiang majors in chemistry. He has small eyes,but he wants to see more through science.

Jiajin Yan

She knows that the flowers are blooming today.

Ziteng Liang

A boy who loves smiling. Where there is a will, there is a way. He will try his best to get succeed.

Yuan Cheng

I'm an undergraduate student in college of energy, and when I joined the team I was just a freshman .


Renyuan Zhang

This is her second year participating in iGEM. As an advisor, she shares everything she knows about project, human practices, design and some useful experience to help team members. Through all efforts for iGEM, she shows great enthusiasm for life science.

Kainan Chen

Encountering such a bunch of hardworking mates would no doubt be a memorable experience in my whole life. During the process, my main job refers to the logistics of doing such an interesting and complicated stuff. And I attached importance to my work because of holding expect that things would go better by ensuring the behind-the-scenes work. So, welcome to our page and contact us!

Feng Wang

He eats and knows things.

Zhe Zhang

She is a bouncing girl. Travel, delicious food, bungee jumping and skiing are all her interests.

Xuechun Chen

I love all the delicate and fantastic things in life.


Baishan Fang

Dr. Fang is the professor in College of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering at Xiamen University. In the group of biocatalysis and biotransformation, his research mainly focuses on synthetic biology, mining and the transformation of enzyme, construction of bio-molecular machiness. He has been our instructor for several years and his advice and equipment support are also helpful this year as ever.

Keju Jing

Dr. Jing is the professor in the Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, his research mainly focuses on amino acid dehydrogenase-catalyzed synthesis of chiral amino acids and directed evolution of glucose dehydrogenase and application of biomimetic cofactor. This year is the first time he has been our instructor. Thanks to Dr. Jing's continuous help and we can make our project better.

Wei Jiang

He is a doctoral student likes to explore new areas. You can find Wei Jiang on the way to the unknown. As our instructor, he helps our experiments carried out more smoothly.

Name: XMU-China School: Xiamen University

Address: Xiamen University, No. 422, Siming South Road, Xiamen, Fujian, P. R. China 361005

Name: XMU-China School: Xiamen University

Address: Xiamen University, No. 422, Siming South Road, Xiamen, Fujian, P. R. China 361005