Lactoshield - SVCE_CHENNAI Lactoshield - SVCE_CHENNAI

Lactoshield - SVCE_CHENNAI


Investigators and Instructor


Professor Nalinkanth V Ghone is our Primary principal investigator. He helped and guided us with certain technichal aspects of our project and in tackling the logistical challenges.


Professor Muthukumaran Sivanandham,Visiting Professor is our Secondary principal investigator, helped us with registration and fundraising.

Mr.HARIHARAN. J ,assistant professor, helped us with cloning stratergies and helped us troubleshhot in the lab.

Hariharan .J Assistant professor is our Instructor and is the one who always the one who helped us in trouble shooting for lab results.

‘AMP Team’

VIDYA- IV year B.Tech ( Biotechnology)

She holds control in the AMP analyzing team and takes responsibility of gelling and organizing the team work.

KARTHICK- III year B.Tech ( Biotechnology)

He is an integral part of the AMP team and also works with enthusiasm in the HP team. He is the prime reason in regulating funding and also, the sketches present in team logo ,t shirt , and pamphlets are his contribution.

RAMIT- III year B.Tech ( Biotechnology)

He is an innate part of the HP and WIKI team and also actively helps in the collaboration work.He analyses the technical part of work in the Amp team.He is great at presenting too.

PRASSANA- III year B.Tech ( Biotechnology)

He is a part of the AMP,wiki and HP team.He works well for the team's banners. He helps with the logistics of the team.

‘Promoter Team’

VARSHNI- IV year B.Tech ( Biotechnology)

She is the lead worker in the promoter team and takes in charge of funding regulation and management.

SAI SHREYAS- IV year B.Tech ( Biotechnology)

He is an enthusiastic member of the promoter team. He also manages the dates and deadlines efficiently

Veveeyan (VVN) - III year B.Tech ( Biotechnology)

He is the storage record book of the team. He is a part of the promoter team and also takes role in maintaining letters and documents.

YASHASWINI- III year B.Tech ( Biotechnology)

A person who loves to manage collaboration works. An intrinsic part of the HP team who loves to organize works in it. She also works in the promoter team with zest.

MAMTA- III year B.Tech ( Biotechnology)

She plays good role in the promoter team who is keen on working with perfection in lab. She also gives a hand in the HP work when required.

LAKSHMI - II year B.Tech ( Biotechnology)

She plays an important role in documenting the teams work and also helps with practices.


SAMUDRA - IV year B.Tech ( Biotechnology)

She takes charge of the interlab and sporulation team and manages the HP team with great enthusiasm.

PRIYA- III year B.Tech ( Biotechnology)

She works clean in interlab .She helps in the HP team



The one who guides the team with his previous iGEM experience and addresses tricky issues with regard to the project.


The one who assists the team in working efficiently in the lab. Along with Arun, he assists greatly in troubleshooting lab issues.


She assists the team with zeal, especially in their HP work with the base of her previous experience. She also takes charge when needed.


The stress buster of our team who guides the HP team with ease. He helps with microbiology work.


He helps the team in organizing HP works and corrects the team members in a friendly way.

External Energy for our Team


Keshav Aditya is doing BE in CSE and he's the one who greatly helped us for the wiki page design and other stuffs.


Laksh Khanter is doing BE in CSE and helped a lot with his creativity in image styling and designing for wiki page.


Prabhuraj is doing his B.Tech in biotechnology and he's the one who redesigned our team logo for this year and designed our pamphlets too.


Dinesh is an amazing artist and doing BCA and he helped us in all the possible way he can. He's the one who designed our project logo and represented the story of our game app in a better way.


Dayanidhi is doing his BE in EEE. He started learning the stuffs in making a game app and he designed a game app named bactohunt for our project idea.


Swathi Singh doing B.Sc in Bio medical Science Sri Ramachandra University created a video which clearly depicts our project idea.

Special Thanks To

SVCE Institution, Our Principal , Our HOD and all the faculties of biotechnology department for their guide and support for our team work.
Janaki enterprises and Priority Life sciences for supplying us with lab chemicals and glass wares etc.

We Specially Thank

Karpaga polytechnic college and JSP Pharmacy for funding us.
Mr Rama Krishnan for extending ur helping hand in funding.
MRS SUNDARAMBAL AND KWTC for sponsoring tshirts for our team.


Lactoshield - SVCE_CHENNAI