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Lactoshield - SVCE_CHENNAI Lactoshield - SVCE_CHENNAI


Paskey Farms,pvt ltd.

LOCATION : Kanchipuram
GUIDED BY : Mr.Dhilip Khanna
DESIGNATION : Chief officer-operation

  •    The whole process taking place in the industry which included the analyzation of the milk quality and the production of different varieties of milk (homogenized and non-homogenised milk) and milk derivatives(cottage cheese and ghee) were explained in detail by Mr.Dhilip Khanna.
  •    Utilization of our AMPs to control the microbial flora during curd and cottage cheese manufacture was a valid point suggested by him.
  •    Our project was also stated as a potential way to manage huge economic losses incurred due to spoilage of milk.
  •   They agreed to offer support, both technical and financial, to the team.

Kwality Milk Foods.

LOCATION : Kanchipuram
GUIDED BY : Mr.Chandrasekar
DESIGNATION : Senior Manager

  •    Information about the different parameters being considered in the industry to prevent contamination viz.,maintaining proper transport duration and storing at low temperatures were told by Mr.Chandrasekar.
  •    He also told us about the qualitative tests such as the MBRT(methylene blue reduction test), and the SNF test which are being carried out to decrease contamination.
  •    Suggestions for B.subtilis sporulation were given as follows:
    •    Heating of the medium containing spores at 60-70 degrees for about 20 mins.
    •    Inoculation of the spores in a fresh medium in order to turn it into vegetative form.
    •    Spore staining using malachite green stain to confirm the presence of spores.

Raaj Milk Industry

LOCATION : Dindigul

  •    Quantitative data on the amount of milk received ,amount of milk getting processed and amount of milk sent out as product were given by them.
  •    Information was also provided on the types of milk being produced such asFull cream,Standardized ,toned, and double-toned milk.
  •    We were told that our project plays may play a major role in the industry level where it will be used to eradicate the microbial contamination at undesirable places.
  •    Optimisation of our product cost which should be preferably around INR 5 was also suggested.
  •    We were also insisted to work on the prolongation of the time period to which our peptides will exert their action.

Vijay Dairy Farms


  •    To focus on yeast and molds and to produce AMPs for other milk-based products and even for water if possible.
  •    To optimize the minimal inhibitory concentration(MIC) of our AMPs.
  •    To develop AMPs that are specific to only the harmful microbes in the milk without affecting the essential microbes in it.
  •    To check the diffusivity of the growth medium.
  •    To work on alternate delivery designs.

Hatsun Agro Products Limited.

LOCATION : Kanchipuram
GUIDED BY : Mr.Kapil Rajr
DESIGNATION : Chief Superintendent

  •    A brief outline of the production process starting from the pre-liminary tests to the final checks done before packaging was elaborated by Mr.Kapil Raj.
  •    Marketing of our final product by the means of collaborating with some small-scale milk industries was suggested by him.
  •    He stated that our project will be a great boon to the rural milk vendors who can make use of it to prevent contamination of their milk while they bring it to the collection centres.
  •    To check the diffusivity of the growth medium through the membranes.
  •    We were also advised to work on the enhancement of the half-life of our peptides and also on the cost-efficiency of our product.


From all the suggestions and information described above,we can infer the following points:

  •    The milk industries are also in need of a better solution to control the microbial contamination of their milk.
  •    They are very much concerned about the cost of the product.
  •    They also want us to work on the half-life of our peptides and ensure the prevention of spoilage for atleast a day or two.
  •    They want us to increase the spectrum of activity of our peptides with enhanced prevention even against some kind of fungi.
  •    They are concerned about the potential changes that may be caused by the AMPs to the integrity of the milk.
Lactoshield - SVCE_CHENNAI Lactoshield - SVCE_CHENNAI
Lactoshield - SVCE_CHENNAI


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