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Milk is a highly nutritious food consumed by each and every person all over the world , in varying amounts. According to the NDDB
( National Dairy Development Board), India is one of the largest producers of milk , contributing about 146 million tons of milk annually.

The high nutrient value of milk , makes it a suitable medium for the growth of many microorganisms like coliforms , psychotrophs etc, leading to issues of milk spoilage. Moreover, the lack of appropriate refrigeration facilities and irregular supply of electricity, increases the risk of milk spoilage in every household, everyday. About 400 million(1 in 3 Indians) people in India do not have access to regular supply of electricity,and hence have no method to preserve milk at the consumer level.

SVCE_CHENNAI’s LACTOSHIELD is here to change that staggering stat.

Would you like to play a game?

We have created a game, Bactohunt, an interactive arcade game that tells you about our project in a fun and lucid way.
Want to play it? Be there at Poster Number 253!


Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering
Tamil Nadu, India


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