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Basic Parts

Basic Parts


We have submitted a number of data encoding PhytoBrick parts to the registry which represent the digits from 0 to 9, with their individual optimal rectangular code and dual ends.

0_AB BabbleBrick BBa_K1967000

0_BA BabbleBrick BBa_K1967001

1_AB BabbleBrick BBa_K1967002

1_BA BabbleBrick BBa_K1967003

2_AB BabbleBrick BBa_K1967004

2_BA BabbleBrick BBa_K1967005

3_AB BabbleBrick BBa_K1967006

3_BA BabbleBrick BBa_K1967007

4_AB BabbleBrick BBa_K1967008

4_BA BabbleBrick BBa_K1967009

5_AB BabbleBrick BBa_K1967010

5_BA BabbleBrick BBa_K1967011

6_AB BabbleBrick BBa_K1967012

6_BA BabbleBrick BBa_K1967013

7_AB BabbleBrick BBa_K1967014

7_BA BabbleBrick BBa_K1967015

8_BA BabbleBrick BBa_K1967016

8_AB BabbleBrick BBa_K1967017

9_BA BabbleBrick BBa_K1967018

9_AB BabbleBrick BBa_K1967019

Additionally, we have submitted DpsG (DNA-binding proteins from starved cells) basic parts which were codon-optimized for expression in E. coli and were adapted for GoldenGate MoClo protocols.

''Deinococcus radiodurans'' DpsG BBa_K1967020

''Deinococcus radiodurans'' DpsMP1

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