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Petar Iliev
I am a 2nd year Biological Chemistry student and in my spare time I do kickboxing and listen to exuberant music. I am from Bulgaria and I enjoy socialising, dancing and hiking. I am passionate about iGEM, because synthetic biology is a field where nature is utilised to complement itself and great ideas make a huge impact.

Nikita Lazaroo
I am a 2nd year Psychology student from Australia, with a strong interest in biology and cognitive science. In my spare time I enjoy kickboxing, cooking and travelling. I am enthusiastic about participating in iGEM and exploring the field of synthetic biology as they are both aimed towards the advancement of biology as an interdisciplinary science that is accessible by all. The potential for iGEM projects to provide solutions for complex social issues is what initially drew me to the competition, and I’m thrilled to be a part of the Edinburgh team.

Azzurra Laura De Pace
I am a 2nd year Biology student from Italy. I am very interested in Epigenetics and personalized medicine. In my spare time I love reading books outdoors and cooking. I am very happy to be part of the Edinburgh iGEM team. Taking part in the iGEM competition gives students the chance to re-interpret nature through the power of synthetic biology.

Catalina Rotaru
I am a 2nd year Computer Science student from Romania and I am deeply interested in computer security and cryptography. In my spare time, I enjoy boxing, dancing, learning russian and watching CSI series. I am very excited to be taking part in such a massive engineering competition. iGEM represents the challenge to find solutions to worldwide problems. Moreover, it brings people of different backgrounds together to exchange knowledge and experience.

Freddie Starkey
I am a second year Informatics student from Aberdeenshire. My main interests are in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology. I enjoy Nordic Skiing and Kayaking in my spare time as well as being a massive Doctor Who fan. I am excited to have the opportunity to work in the wet lab for a change during iGEM as well as to contribute to a project with such large real world applications.

Rosie Maddock
I am a third year Biology student from Aberdeenshire. I am interested in biochemistry with a particular interest in disease research. In my spare time I play judo, go to the gym, and love to cook. I am really excited to be part of iGEM because it provides so many people the opportunity to develop and explore their synthetic biology ideas. The flexibility with iGEM projects allows input from different subject area backgrounds, which gives rise to many exciting lines of research.

Alexandra Bisia
I am a student from Crete, Greece, who just finished her second year of studies in developmental biology. I am keenly interested in foreign languages, exploring the beautiful city I study in, and tickling the ol’ ivories. It’s an incredible experience being part of the Edinburgh iGEM team, as the competition has given us the opportunity to push back the boundaries of biology and apply our ideas to create novel solutions to current problems. It’s also a unique way to become familiar with different subjects and interdisciplinary collaboration, which I believe to be the future of research.

Brendan Largey
I am second year Biochemistry student from New York. In my spare time I enjoy restoring antique furniture, teaching dance, and making use of the Oxford comma. I also enjoy playing the violin and other instruments, and can bake a mean kartoshka. I have been enjoying every moment with the team so far and love interacting with such a diverse group of individuals.

Patrick Lim
I am a second year Molecular Genetics student from Bristol. I do a bit of programming and writing and am very excited to be helping out with Edinburgh iGEM. When I am not working with the team I do gardening at a hospice. During my time here I have learned a lot about science and have become a big fan of falafel wraps despite being skeptical at first.

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