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Let's PLAy project - Bioproduction of PLA

Integrated HP

Silver medal

For Human Practices, we started with investigation on issues related to plastic and bioplastic consumption by two approaches: a public survey and a report on plastic legislation. This investigation made emerge questions and necessities, which led us to perform a practical part to cover them, consisting on a MOOC. We also did a degradation experiment given some controversies. They also made us rethink about our project and give further insights, on the scaling perspective, taking them into account.

Why do we accomplish the Silver medal criteria?

We decided to take a survey on PLA and bioplastics awareness. In the survey, it appeared that people would prefer resorting to bioplastics in their daily life rather than petroleum-based equivalents, yet the consumption of bioplastics remains lower. Therefore, we decided to focus on solutions to tackle this paradox.

We first noted that people don’t know much about PLA, and even less about synthetic biology. Thus, the first step required is to carry out a pedagogic communicative approach to arise interest on synthetic biology, and then on PLA. That is why we decided to focus on MOOCs as an effective tool to spread knowledge on this topic.

Besides, we noted that globally, public policies tend to gradually ban plastic consumptions. We wondered bioplastic industry could be affected by restrictive legislations directed at petroleum-based plastics.

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