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InterLab Study

The original devices for the InterLab Study that came in the iGEM Distribution Kit did not transform into our cells. The devices from a second InterLab Study kit had successful transformations and we continued with the transformation protocol, the plate reader calibration protocol, and plate reader measurement protocol as listed under the protocols tab. Due to confusion of the plate reader measurement protocol, collection was incorrectly started and the process had to be restarted one more time with the conclusion of this last replication being successful. The measurement protocol was slightly modified as our lab was not supplied with a 96-well plate that could be used for both the absorption and fluorescence measurements. In that case, two plates, one completely translucent plate for the absorption test and one completely opaque black plate for the fluorescence test, were used. Because double the liquid was used for samples, a larger volume of liquid culture had to be grown up. The beginning volume of each device was adjusted from 10 ml to 20 ml to ensure that the sum of the volume of samples collected did not exceed more than 1% of the total volume by the conclusion of the experiment. These cultures were still grown in 50 ml falcon tubes.



First transformations


First transformations did not have growth

Redo transformations from second distribution kit


Inoculation of successful transformations


Begin calibration and collection protocols

Realize misunderstanding of protocols


Reinoculate from the successfully transformed plates


Begin calibration and collection protocols

Finish and fill in the excel sheet