Purdue Biomakers




Every project needs consideration of its effects and application in the larger world. To quote Jurassic Park, scientist are sometimes “so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.” Human Practices is the solution to that. Expanding our views beyond the bench, making sure that our technology and innovations are welcomed and useful. This year SYNENERGENE challenged us to think critically on how our project would fit into the world at large. Developing a business plan, identifying the risks, and thinking about future uses of our project were among several topics covered in our Application Scenario which can be found through the link below.


SYNENERGENE also challenged us to extrapolate our vision to the future, imagining the possible issues, both technically and morally, that could arise in the future. In response we explored a world not too distant from ours today. When global phosphorus reserves are running low, unable to meet the growing demands of a growing world. In our vignettes we explored four perspectives, from a future President of the United States of America, to a shady sailor living paycheck to paycheck. Our scenarios aimed to show a world in crisis and ask questions about the uses of our technology and what morality is needed to correctly use it. You can find our Techno-moral Scenarios below.


Collaborating with SYNENERGENE was fun, engaging and intellectually stimulating. If you want to hear more about our project or discuss the ethics, morals, or possible applications of our technology; make sure and catch up with us at the SYNENERGENE lead Workshops during this year’s Giant Jamboree.