Team:SMS Shenzhen


Chronic skin wounds which do not heal in an orderly set of stages may last for years, during which patients have to endure severe physicaland psychological stress. The treatments cause patients heavy financial burden as well.

To solve this issue, we connected SDF1(topical stromal cell-derived growth factor-1) genes to ELP (elastin-like peptides) genes and expressed in Ecoli, creating a fusion protein which can form nanoparticles so as not to be degraded by protease in order to significantly promote neovascularization, resulting in faster re-epithelialization of chronic skin wounds. We synthesized human antimicrobial peptide (AMP) genes LL-37, fused it with motor protein yebf and expressed it in Ecoli to harvest antimicrobial peptides, which plays an important role in our natural immune system in response to pathogens. In addition, we designed a piston prototype containing semi-permeable membrane to isolate proteins from Ecoli as well as an app guide to help patients use the prototype and spread knowledge on chronic wounds.

According to our HP activity, we also decided to apply our product on hydrocolloid dressing to alleviate patients' financial burden and absorb the excessive exudates to provide much more comfort and convenience to patients than the traditional methods.

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