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Our bacteria express two fusion proteins: antimicrobial peptide LL-37 fused to motor protein yebf through a linker, and stromal-derived factor SDF fused with elastin-like-protein composed of pentapeptides repeated for 20 times ELP(20). We first designed the sequence of each using Snapgene. Then to ensure the function of each protein, we used Phyre 2 to predict the proteins’ three-dimensional structure.

Figure 1: Diagram for DNA sequence design of SDF-ELP(20) fusion protein

Figure 2: Predicted protein structure of SDF-ELP(20)

Figure 3: Predicted protein structure of yebf-ll37

We construct the plasmids: J04500 + yebf-LL-37 + B0015 and J04500 + SDF-ELP(20) + B0015. Then we synthesize them from GenScript. The electrophoresis results of these plasmids are as followings:

Figure 4: DNA electrophoresis result of J04500 + SDF-ELP(20) + B0015.

Figure 5: DNA electrophoresis result of J04500 + yebf-LL-37 + B0015

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