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Collaboration is an important part for groups in IGEM to help each other and progress together. This year we formed the collaboration among Shenzhen Middle School,Shenzhen University(SU),and Shenzhen Vanke Meisha Academy(SVMA). We lent each other laboratory help and share social network in order to collect more data for the human practice. Shenzhen University has helped us to through lots of problems during the year-long project.


The Shenzhen University groups helped us greatly by lending their laboratories and materials to us. They also help us a lot on experiments, for example, how to use an equipment.

1. During the summer vocation, our school did not allow us to do experiment inside the school. Thanks to Shenzhen University, it lent us with a whole laboratory with sufficient materials and equipments that Shenzhen Middle School did not have, such as materials using to do protein electrophoresis.

2. Because of the mistakes we made during the experiments, we used up all BBa_J04500 parts on our provided sheet plates. Shenzhen University provided us the part while they also need it. They also instructed us clearly on how to do an experiment or improve your violin.


We desperately want to help Shenzhen University; However, it was difficult for a high school to help a university. But we still asked them if there was anything needed to help. At last, we found something to do for them.

1. we decided that we should spread questionnaire for SU to collect more data on people’s attitude toward their project for their human practice. Our endeavors multiply the number of data SU is able to collect. Our social networks make people from all around China are able to answer their questionnaire. Thus, our pairvirsus are able to get more precise conclusion from the data.

2.Because many of us are applying for university abroad, we are more adroit with English writing. Therefore, we wanted to help them to write their WIKI. While writing the wiki, we understood the process of our partner’s project deeper and got inspired by some details. The SU also thanked us for helping them, and they were happy to see their wiki became better organized and fascinating.


Besides helping the SU, we also helped SVMA for their experiments. For answering their help request we shared our experiment experience with them, and provided them the list of the brand, the price, and the amount of our experimental instruments.

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