Team:SMS Shenzhen/HP/Engagement


To widely promote the idea of synthetic biology and iGEM, we realized through out the year that only lectures cannot let the ideas penetrate into people’s lives. Therefore, we built SMS_iGEM Wechat Subscription Account, one of the most popular media in China,to introduce synthetic biology, promote iGEM competition, and present our project by transforming complicated synthetic biology into simpler ideas. We publish an article each week. More than 350 people subscribe us and the amount of reading in each article exceeds 200. (For more details, please see HP Silver)

To promote iGEM competition, we presented in two organizations: Chinese Academy of Science and Shenzhen Vanke Meisha Academy. They would like to build teams in 2017 and we will help them! (For more details, please see HP Silver)

We also featured on Maker concept, we visited Maker Space SZOIL and investigated into the nowadays situation on Maker and bio-hacking. We presented in Open Fiesta held by Qsinghua University & CRI Paris where more than 1 hundred university students attended, and received advice from Juanma Garcia, a Spanish biotech engineer. We will also attend Maker Faire Shenzhen, where teams all over the world will come, in 21st October. In our project related human practice, we went to a hospital, interviewed patients and doctors, and told them about our project. (For more details, please see HP Silver and HP Gold)