Team:SMS Shenzhen/Attributions

Work assignments within the group

Yingqi Wang and Zixuan Xu, leaders in charge of the team

All members of the team are involved in brainstorming and researching background for each possible topic. Specifically, Yingqi Wang, Ziyi Gong, Yuheng Li, Zixuan Xu, Jiaming Cao, Meiyi Long, Yuzhi Lu researched paper for different topic. Zixuan Xu, Yingqi Wang in theoretical design.


All members of the team did experiments. Yingqi Wang, designed and taught us experiments, and Yuxuan Li arranged the experiment schedule.

Prototype design

Performed by Zixuan Xu, Yingqi Wang, Yuheng Li and Ziyi Gong.


Zixuan Xu, Ye Chen are responsible in this category.

Human Practice

All members of the team are involved in human practice. Yuqiao Li, managed our Wechat Subscription Account and wrote every articles. Yuheng Li, Yuxuan Yao, Jin Huang, Yuqiao Li did background research on our project. Yufei Zhu attended the meet up. Yingqi Wang, Ziya Wang and Jiaming Cao visited SZOIL. Yuxin Wang designed the questionnaire for our investigation. Jin Huang, Ziyi Gong, Yuxuan Yao, Yingqi Wang interviewed a doctor in a hospital regarding our project.


Texts written by all members of the team, processed by Zixuan Xu, Yingqi Wang. Ziya Wang did the coding for our wiki.


Jiaxuan Yin is responsible for art design including the banner, wiki, poster, team logo and team uniform.


Performed by Yingqi Wang, Yuxuan Yao, Jin Huang.

Support from other people and organizations

Shenzhen Middle School

Our school provided us with an individual laboratory with basic equipment and materials.

Secondary investigator Weizhao Chen

Investigator from Shenzhen University, he guided us and supported us through the whole process including experiments and Human Practice, as well as providing us with an individual laboratory in Shenzhen University for performing experiments unavailable to our school lab.

Primary Investigator Jiayuan He

Instructor from Shenzhen Middle School, she provided us with financial support from school.


To Dr Jinxuan Cheng, we would like to thank him for instructing us in the preparation of the presentation.

We cannot be more thankful for our parents, who paid for us and supported us in the project

Our thanks also goto Boxiang Wang for giving classes on the foundation of synthetic biology to us.

Without all the aforementioned people and facilities, it would be impossible to complete the SMS-iGEM project.

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