Team:SMS Shenzhen/Achievement


Registered and will attend the Giant Jamboree!

All student team members were high school students on March 31, 2016!

Created a page on wiki with clear Attribution!

Document and submitted BBa_K1892001. Document a new application of BBa_K875009!


Validated BBa_K1892000 and BBa_K1892004. Documented their characterization. Submitted them!

Helped Shenzhen Univerisity on wiki and investigation!

Built Wechat Subscription Account and publish an educational article every week; Two new teams for iGEM 2017; Research on iGEM, Chinese Policies & Costs; feature on iGEM & Maker!

Human Practice


Deep investigation into hospital: insight and guide into projects’ application!

Improved the function and characterized of BBa_K875009 by adding yebf, entered information in the Registry!

Demonstrated functional proof of concept of BBa_K1892004!

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