Team:SMS Shenzhen/Team

Our Team Members

Primary PI: Jiayuan He

Secondary PI: Weizhao Chen

Student Leader: Yingqi Wang

Student members: Ziti Gong, Yuzhi Lu, Jin Huang, Jiaming Cao, Ye Chen, Yuheng Li, Jiaxuan Yin, Zixuan Xu, Wang Ziya, Li Yuxuan, Wang Yu xin, Yufei Zhu, Yuqiao Li

Yuheng Li


I first knew SMS iGEM team by reading their attractive poster. Ever since high school, I was fascinated by biology and have been looking forward to conducting research in a team, as I already have independent research experience in biomedical science. In our iGEM team, I not only participated in lab but also assisted with writing articles and designing prototypes. During the half-year experience, there are so many times when we had to deal with unexpected results and faced the consequences of carelessness. That’s how I gained valuable insight on teamwork and experiments. In addition, although my friends called me a bio-nerve, I also have my own hobbies such as singing and playing guitars.

Yuzhi Lu


I have a wide range of interests, including painting, cooking, tennis, and so on. Among all of my hobbies, I am most interested in biology, so I chose to join the IGEM team in my school for the opportunities to operate experiments. In the IGEM team, together with other teammates, I make a little contribution to the whole progress of our project. Although I once worked with some university students on the production of virus in the liver cells, I still think our IGEM team is a better group. We are not just simply operating the experiments for academy; instead, we are using biology to help other people. This makes me feel that we are transferring out knowledge into something useful for the world.

Ziyi Gong


Fascinated by the delicate world of cells and molecules, I regarded all those tiny bacteria, as well as other eukaryotic cells, with love. Even few days after I had a surgery in my stomach, I devoted to experiments, trying to demonstrate their might with my lovely teammates.

Jiaming Cao


This is Jiaming Cao, aka Maria. Initially when I still knew nothing about genes, I started to feel synthetic biology a really cool subject. And as I learn more and more related knowledge, I could confirm that playing with genes and working in labs are really of great fun. Genetics provide me with an entirely new territory of interests, which pumps me to a new world of exploration. Besides biology, I also like violin, magic, space and travelling. All kinds of things give me inspiration of life.

Ye Chen


The first impression I had about iGEM is the closed door of its laboratory in our school and its colorful poster that presented what gene engineering could achieve. But when I finally enter into that “mysterious” room, I was at once fascinated by it. Besides the scientific research in iGEM, I also did research about environmental science this summer. I appreciate these experiences much since they enable me to comprehend science better.

Jin Huang


I am a grade 11 student in Shenzhen Middle School and mainly do experiments in our team. I knew iGEM from the posters on the wall of school’s corridor. I found it is unbelievable that we can directly work on DNA. I have always been being always interested in tiny things, both atomic nucleus and nucleic acids. Furthermore, I am an environmentalist love life science; so I join the iGEM team of our school. During this yearlong preparation, I learnt a lot about molecular biology, met great difficulties, and conquered them together with my teammates. I am grateful that iGEM competition not only help me learn, but also help me grow. Besides what I mentioned above, I like travelling, meeting great scenery in wilderness and celebrated architecture in cities.

Ziya Wang


I am interested in biology and I have a good time working in the lab. Besides, I enjoy jogging and reading very much.

Yuxuan Yao


I can still remember the day I met genetics. I was totally shocked when I first heard that scientists had already built up synthetic lives (even they are pretty tiny). I imagined that I saw the first life was created in the ocean or whatever it was from. That day, I saw the beauty of genetics and that’s the beginning of the relationship between genetics and me. Besides, I like to read, ride bike, and collect postcards.

Yingqi Wang

Team Leader

iGEM brought me a lot of fun. I was fond of the competition since it was a project completely decided and done by students ourselves. I love the feeling when operating genes, like I can build creatures. I gained much experience in this year and grew a lot. This year is and will be one of the most treasured experience in my life.

Yufei Zhu


She is a student form Shenzhen Middle School. The aim she came to the group is just for fun, and in fact, sometimes she doesn’t know what she will do in the future. Since the students don’t have much time to do modern biological experiments in school, most of her parts in team are in the laboratory.

Although there is not so much time besides study, she did as much as time permits.

Yuxin Wang


My name is Wang yuxin (Doris) and I come from Shenzhen. I first got into science in my biology class when I was in Grade 5. Last semester, my friend recommended iGEM to me and I started my trip to the biological genetic study. For me, doing biological experiments is not only about discovering something new but also about spending time with my friends. Beside doing experiments, I enjoy playing musical instruments and reading.

Meiyi Long


I first encountered the word “gene” is from an article about genetically modified food. After searching for information about genes, I was so shocked that human already have the power to change genes---a nature rule that has existed since the beginning of all organic life. I started to follow the steps of genetically modified food with interest, but then after I came to Shenzhen Middle school, I learned that we can not only change genes, but also create life by ourselves. I was amazed, and that was why I attend IGEM program----every time when I was doing the experiment, I felt like I was doing something meaningful and create miracle.

Yinjia Xuan


This is the designer in SMS-iGEM. I like biology and art a lot, which is the reason why I chose to attend iGEM. In these several months, I learnt some knowledge of synthetic biology, and also practice my design skill. Furthermore, learning web design is also an amazing and new experience for me. I have some other hobbies like traveling, watching movies and animations.

Zixuan Xu


My name is Zixuan Xu and I am mainly responsible for theoretical design and mathematical modeling in the team. I got into genetic engineering because I believe it is a technology that would be the focus of the 21st century. I am interested in exploring how physical and computational model can be used in other fields of disciplines, so I joined iGEM to gain experience in other fields of study. Other than that, I enjoying watching anime.

Yuxuan Li


I enjoy doing experiment in the cool laboratory with my teammates. And I enjoy the moment when I know I finish my experiment successfully. After attending iGEM, my school life becomes much more interesting.

Chengjin Zhuang


I am taking charge of the HP program of iGem nowadays and I really find the experience joyful with no regret. When I learnt from my friend, Laetitia, about iGem, I could not help becoming quite interested in such competition. It is the one that takes students as professionals while giving them serious challenges, and it does contribute to the society in some way. As I am always willing to explore and broadcast new discoveries to the world, iGem really meets my need and brings lots of fun. I have planned the construction of the group, sent our passages, and organized interviews outside during the last seven months. Though the work needs our effort for the whole year, none of our members get bored in the process. I am proud of our team and firmly believed that we will eventually bring some benefits to the society.

Siqi Yang


Biology impressed me after doing an experiment about observing the mitosis of onions in a lab.On account of it,I am amazed at lives and I am strongly curious about living things’ working system. Due to an occasional chance,I got into iGEM competition which is different from others.It does emphasize innovation and creativity, so later I joined the team which I made many new friends and was exposed to some unknown theories. Gradually,I can do experiments by myself. Besides, I did human practice delightedly. Thanks to the team,I really gain a lot.

Yuqiao Li


I’m Yuqiao Li, and I’m responsible for Wechat account in our team. It’s meaningful and delightful to work with other team members, because everyone is so friendly and adorable. By joining this team and working on material about iGEM, I learnt a lot about synthetic biology and gained a huge amount of interesting biological knowledge. Besides, in this team, I focus on human practice. Therefore, I got chance to know how synthetic biology can be used in people’s daily life, and finally I realized the significance of synthetic biology in development of many facet. iGEM is a really meaningful event for me, and I found it pretty exciting as well!

Jianyuan He

Primary PI

I am He Jiayuan,graduated from Beijing Normal University at 2013 and then started teaching biology at Shenzhen Middle School. Since then, teams from Shenzhen middle school have participated in IGEM for 3 years in a row. In 2015, former instructor was on maternity leave and I became their temporary instructor. For the past year, I am responsible for safety of the lab, purchasing necessary materials, applying for reimbursement and so on.

Weizhao Chen

Secondary PI

Teacher incollege of life sciences and oceanography,shenzhen university

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