Based on the definition of public engagement, which the myriad of ways in which the activity and benefits of higher education and research can be shared with the public, this year we team iGEM Tianjin conducted the mission of scattering the concepts of PET bio-degradation, synthetic biology and iGEM competition to ordinary people mainly in two aspects---Education and Public Engagement.


Engagement Ⅱ:TEDA Eco Centre (NGO)


Engagement Ⅳ :Questionnaire Survey

We made the public engaged in our project this year with the method of questionnaire survey. Actually we conducted two versions of surveys this year. The former one has been clarified in part Engagement Ⅲ :Social Media. As for the latter one, we investigated the daily use of plastic products and the attitude of people towards the bio-degradation of plastic.
The following pictures are our partial results.

Click here to see the full results.

Through the survey, we realize that a majority of people have noticed recent severe plastics pollution and are not satisfied with extant disposal methods. They look forward to a better way to control the ‘white pollution’. Besides, in terms of technology of ‘white pollution’ control, most people have knew something about biological plastics degradation and think highly of it. They hope that scientists will do further research. From the survey we also notice the public consciousness of ‘white pollution’ and how urgent and necessary we should fix this problem. At the same time, it reinforces our confidence and enthusiasm to solve it using biological method. We will definitely make great efforts to explore and figure out something meaningful to live up to public expectation.


Briefly speaking, we team iGEM Tianjin gave lectures to students in Baitangkou primary school, Dagang No.1 middle school and TUST respectively. In addition, we held a debate in our school with respect to synthetic biology. And also, we visited the TEDA green technology exhibition hall to exchange ideas about waste disposal. We presented our project, PET bio-degradation to them and took a deep and meticulous look at TEDA’s green technologies. Finally, we conducted two questionnaire surveys about synthetic biology and plastic pollution by scattering them by social media.
In conclusion, I think our human practice work has provoked a considerable number of people engaged in our project and we are definitely eligible for this prize this year.

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