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General Support

Kim Ellison for allowing us to use her lab space over the summer and providing lab safety training.

Mike Ellison for the Gene Design.

IDT: for providing us 15,000 free base pairs.


University of Toronto: for giving advice on wiki navigation and editing, and general troubleshooting.

Human Practices Support

Arthur B. Chiemlweski (NASA Project Manager of the Rosetta Mission) for offering us insight on the space industry and its impact on society, as well as general words of encouragement.

Madeline Cummings: (Writer, Edmonton Examiner) for writing a piece on our team and helping promote our crowdfunding campaign.

Robert Thirsk (Former CSA Astronaut) for providing incredible insight on the viability and benefits of a manned Mars mission.

Presentation Feedback and Honorable Mentions

David Rozak, Emily Hicks, Karmella Haynes, Megan Palmer, Patrick Wu, and Todd Kuiken: for acting as judges at the Alberta Genetic Engineering Competition, providing us valuable feedback on how we can improve our project.

Enlik Kildibekova: for providing logo ideas and logo drafts.

Andy Duong: for sitting in on our presentation at St. Elizabeth Seton Junior High, providing valuable feedback, as well as assisting us with the student activities.

Anthony Stauffer: for allowing us to use his classroom for vital team meetings, and providing crucial morale boosts in times of need.


University of Calgary: for speaking to Dr. Robert Thirsk on our behalf, as well as being the host school for the Alberta Genetic Engineering Machine conference.

Arizona State University: for sequencing our Biobrick DNA which allowed us to troubleshoot our Cld+ genes.

EPF Lausanne & XMU-China for interviewing and publishing team profiles on us on their media platforms (Website and Newsletter respectively).

InGenuity Lab: for giving us general words of advice, as well as helping us perform fun group activities for students at St. Elizabeth-Seton Junior High School.




Alberta Innovates Technology Futures

University of Alberta Faculty of Science

University of Alberta Faculty of Engineering

University of Alberta Faculty of Medicine

New England Biolabs

Our crowdfunding campaign backers

Lab work was completed at the University of Alberta Medical Science Building by members of the UrbanTundra_Edmonton 2016 iGEM team unless otherwise stated. We thank all of those who contributed to our research. Without their help, we would have not been able to accomplish the goals that we set out for!

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