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Safety in the Lab

General Safety

In accordance with proper safety standards, our team's members ensured that the relevant Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) was worn during all investigations in the lab. This includes the use of disposable gloves and lab coat when present in the laboratory. Prior to any lab work, every team member also took a WHMIS crash course to prepare for work in a research environment. The teaching laboratory in the Medical Sciences Building of the University of Alberta was classified as a Level 2 Biohazard laboratory, so there was a restriction where food and drink was not allowed in the lab. The disposal of biohazardous waste was dealt with disinfection of cultures with a concentrated bleach solution. All contaminated equipment was bleached and autoclaved. Upon exiting the lab, all members were also required to wash their hands with disinfectant soap and water

Handing Perchlorate and Chlorite

The only hazardous materials that were used in our project were Sodium Perchlorate and Sodium Chlorite. Because of the danger that these compounds present, whenever experiments included their use, our supervisor was the one who handled these substances. Proper handing guidelines were followed according to each materials' Materials Safety Data Sheets.

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