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Awards and Recognition

Throughout our journey, the members of UrbanTundra had gone through so much, and greatly appreciated the awesome opportunity of participating in the 2016 iGEM Competition. The success of our team, as shown through all the awards and achievements listed on this page, could not have happened without the help of so many individuals. To our mentors, research advisors, sponsors, backers, friends, family, and of course, parents, a huge THANK YOU!

iGEM 2016

At the Giant Jamboree, we were lucky to have been:

  • Nominated for High School Track Finalists
  • Nominated for Best Presentation, High School
  • Nominated for Best Poster, High School
  • Nominated for Best Wiki, High School
  • Awarded Best Presentation, High School
  • Awarded Best Poster, High School
  • Awarded Best Wiki, High School

aGEM 2016

At Alberta, Canada's regional preparation for the Giant Jamboree, UrbanTundra had:

  • Recieved the Initiative Award
  • Recieved the Scientific Rigor Award
  • Received 2nd Place at aGEM 2016

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