Team member of ZJU-China are responsible of almost all the issues involved in the project, and they did a great job! And we would also like to express our heartfelt gratitude to those who have helped us in fund-raising, lab support, human practice and so on.



Attribution of Team members



Experiment & collaboration: Lejian Jiang
Progress planning & supervision: Xinyi Peng
The idea
We start our brainstorming in February. The original idea of the project came from Lejian Jiang, which was revised after many brainstorming discussions by all of us.
We start our lab in May, and start working on our project in June. The three part of the project are attributed as follows.
Oscillation system: Jinshi Ran & Hongya Zhu.
Light-dependent control system: Shisheng Li.
Logical gates: Zhanyu Wang & Han Wan.
Standardization:Lejian Jiang & Shisheng Li & Zhanyu Wang..
Human Practice
The meetups between iGEM teams were organized by Han Wan and Lejian Jiang. The activities with public engagement are designed and organized by Xinyi Peng. And all of us participated in the activities. The research about biosafety in railway transportation are done by Jingyu Zhao.
Modeling, Hardware & Wiki
Zhiqiang Fu, Yang Ma, Jingru Li, and Feiyang Kang.
Art & design
Wiki design: Xinyi Peng.
Poster: Han Wan.
And other items, such as brochures, postcards and so on are complete with their cooperation.


Attribution of others



General Support
College of Life science in Zhejiang University provided us with general support to run the team and complete the competition. We are very grateful.
Project support and advice
We appreciate the generous help of our PI Ming Chen and former team leader Briana Gao for giving us lots of advices of the project and support from all aspects.
Fundraising help and advice
Zhejiang University Education Foundation and undergraduate school of Zhejiang university help us with fundraising. And we are very grateful for that.
Lab support
We accomplished most of the experiment in biology laboratory center 413. Our PI Ming Ding is in charge of it, and he provided lots of support for our lab work.In this summer, our lab in ZJU is not available for special reasons, so we turn to iGEM team FAFU and HZAU for help, and we work in their lab for half a month. We really appreciate the support they provided us. And we also appreciate the products that NEB provided us, it helps a lot.
Difficult technique support
We designed the microfluidics device, but it was difficult for us to manufacture it. So we turn to Wenhao chip company and Jianlong 3D printing company, and customized microfluidics chips and case of the device according to our design.
Project advisor support
Our advisor Xintian Xu gave us some valuable advices about the progress of the project, and we appreciate it.
Wiki support
Former team member Tianning Zhang helped us a lot for our wiki. Many thanks.
Art consultant
Qian Lin helped us with the promotional video. Lu Ye gave us lots of advices on art design.
Presentation coaching
Our PI Ming Chen and former team leader Briana Gao gave us lots of advice on how to make our presentation impressive. We are very grateful.
Human practice support
We collaborated with Wuhan science and technology museum and Chongqing Huyouta youth organization to organize some human practice activities. And we appreciate their generous help.
In the end, we would like to show our acknowledgements for all those who helped us. It is you that make our project a better one, and encouraged us to be a more successful iGEM team. We really appreciate your generous support.
Contact Us
Room 413,Biology lab center, Zijingang Campus
Zhejiang University, YuHangTang Road NO.866
Hangzhou, China
iGEM ZJU-China 2016 Team