What We Offer
    (1)We offered them a knockout exercise-induced gene system
     The system we provided was a recombination system and its detailed experimental process is from Lv Zhenmei, our teacher in college of life sciences, Zhejiang University.

    (2)We shared the data of light control system with them
         Due to the situation that ZJU and HAZU all adopt light control system in their projects, we constructed and tested the red light and green light system together and shared the data based on documents written by Jeffrey J Tabor.

    We supplemented their incomplete toxicity models. According to their project, we built models in mainly two parts. The first one is about the growth rate of algae. The second one is about the quantity of wrigglers according to time. We built these models in a specific logic: first we built separate models, and then we found their relationship. Finally, we gave FAFU our suggestion and feedback based on our results from modeling which has helped them improve their project (the modeling page). Also, we helped them with some difficulties that they met when editing their wiki.

What We Receive

    (1) During the G20 Summit held in Hangzhou, FAFU and HZAU shared their labs with us. Thanks a lot for their generous help.

    (2) XJTLU helped us to test the light-induced system and provided us with their illumination device designed by themselves.

    (3) HZAU shared the light-induced circuits with us, and introduced key points when doing related experiments.

    (4) HZAU-China 2016 and their previous team member, Luo Xudong, helped us to solve the problems of the production and the use of the microfluidic chip.

Contact Us
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iGEM ZJU-China 2016 Team