We are very concerned about the public engagement in synthetic biology. We have to admit that transgene has been doubted since it came into being, and the idea of synthetic biology is heard much less, which make the public much easier to misunderstand it. Apparently, synthetic biology will not “save the world”, but it has a lot of potential to make it a better one. As iGEMers, we hope to contribute to expand the public understanding of synthetic biology, so that to save the potential from the public’s misunderstanding. From another aspect, burying ourselves in the lab is not a sensible idea, so we need the voices outside lab to help us to know what we have been engaged in better. So we organized some activities concerned public engagement to interact with people. To our satisfactory, we got positive feedbacks and were inspired in a way.


Team Members

Yang Ma
    I am doing wet experiments of iGEM student work, but I really really don't like doing that. The year of iGEM work has taught me how to love and how to communicate with different characters.
Lejian Jiang

Shisheng Li
    I'm a optic engineer major student from ZJU. I joined the iGEM competition because I think it's a great opportunity to work in a team and try different things. My role in the team is dry lab member, which means that I am in charge of everything about wiki and modeling. I enjoy novels and jogging while i'm free.

    I'm a second year bachelor student Life Science.Within the team, I'm responsible for light-dependent part of our experiment.During the past several months,I've gained a lot thanks to iGEM.It must be one of the best experience during my college life.


Xinyi Peng
    I'm a second year in Polymer Science and Engineering, and I constructed the light-controlled model and some sections of wiki for iGEM ZJU-China 2016. Arrested by the charming intersection of different subjects, I put my full heart into the competition and eventually gained a lot.
Actually, I'm always optimistic to the life, and I believe that life contains sorrows that can never be assuaged, why not smile and keep stepping forward?
JR Lee

Feiyang Kang
    I am a third year student of Life science. I love the feeling of accomplishment after hard work, which might be the reason why I challenge myself to be an iGEMer. I am a human practice manger within the team, which means I am responsible for all the public engagement affairs. Sparking the public’s curiosity and hearing the voices outside the lab are really a special experience.

    I'm a second year bachelor student Life Science.Within the team, I'm responsible for light-dependent part of our experiment.During the past several months,I've gained a lot thanks to iGEM.It must be one of the best experience during my college life.


Jinshi Ran
    Hello, I am Jinshi Ran, a junior student who major in biotechnology. I have ever studied in a lab with immunology and translational medicine background. Modularizing and standardizing genes, and connecting them to construct an artificial biological systems are really attractive to me, since it calls into full play one's imagination and creativity. I love the idea of synthetic biology, and that’s the reason why I participate in iGEM. As a member who is responsible for wet experiment, I participate in the design of the project, and is in charge of the experiment of the oscillation system.
Zhanyu Wang
    Hello, iGEMers, I am Wang Zhanyu, a sophomore majoring in clinical medicine at ZheJiang University. In our project my main responsibility is lab work. I’m in charge of the logic gate and its characterization, and I take part in the design of microfluidic device, too. In the brainstorm, I have an idea called "Bioelectrical Interface", though it is dismissed at last, I still believe it to be a great project. When I participated in iGEM, I were just a freshman. During these eight months, I'm very glad to develop a deep friendship with other 11 people in ZJU-CHINA 2016 Team, and I have also learned a lot of knowledge about molecular biology. What ‘s more, I’ve been to many areas around China to meet people from all walks of life and introduce our project to them. In a word, I feel very honored to be a iGEMer.

Jingyu Zhao
    I’m Zhao Jingyu, a senior student major in Energy and Environment Systems Engineering. I feel lucky to be a member of ZJU-China. My encounter with iGEM will always be a romance in my memory. Although my major seems nothing to do with synthetic biology, I experience and learn a lot from my team members, and I really appreciate their amicability, endeavor and help. My responsibility in the team is HP. At the beginning of our project, I have listed several aspects as our goals. And thanks to our whole team’s cooperation, we have participated and held several events. These events not only make our project more complete, but also let us know more about iGEM, synthetic biology and other teams related. iGEM is more than a contest. It is an important journey. During this whole year, we learn cooperation, time management, communication, and the most important one, friendship, because we are a whole.


Hongya Zhu
    My name is Han Wan. I'm a third-year student majoring in Biology. I took part in experiments of the logic gate module, and also took on part of the art and design works. I really enjoyed this process. It was an unforgetable experience in my college life.
Han Wan

Zhiqiang Fu
    My name is Hongya Zhu. I'm a third-year student majoring in Applied Biology. I took part in experiments of the oscillation module. I've really learned a lot in this process and there has been lots of fun.

    My name is Zhiqiang Fu from ZJU-CHINA 2016, and I am majoring in mechatronic engineering. In our project this year, I am mainly responsible for designing our microfluidic device, building our biological models and editing our wiki.

Contact Us
Room 413,Biology lab center, Zijingang Campus
Zhejiang University, YuHangTang Road NO.866
Hangzhou, China
iGEM ZJU-China 2016 Team