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    Since the process of encryption and decryption can derive a series of interactive activities, the idea of biological cipher machine itself can be a good carrier of synthetic biology. How does our Enigma machine inspire the public? And what will these voices outside the lab inspire us to reflect on our project? Continue to find the answer!



STEM scientific festival

    In July, STEM scientific festival was held in Suzhou, China. STEM is a concept of education that advocates students learning like scientists and engineers, which fits well with the aspects of synthetic biology in a way. We introduced synthetic biology and our project to the public by setting up a showcase in the exhibition hall. With the help of a room escape computer game, we attracted lots of attention. We successfully educated people came there, and also got useful feedbacks.
Oneyouth talk and the fair
    We collaborated with a local youth public service organization, and join them as speaker of a national famous skill sharing activity in China, Oneyouth Talk. We talk directly to the public, and heard lots of voices outside the lab. And we also set up our showcase in the fair, which allowed participates to sell original goods. In the process of selling the postcards with codes on the back (designed by ourselves), we talked to people who are interested and got useful feedbacks.

Science & technology museum

    We set up our showcase in the information exhibition hall, which is a hall set up for people to learn more about how information processes. And this is exactly the problem we are dealing with! And our showcase can provide a biological aspect of information processing, which enriched the knowledge of the hall. Here we played a decryption game with children using candies, and played a video which told a story based on synthetic biology.


Educational tools
    Educational tools are things that we designed to spark curiosity and help the public to understand the project and synthetic biology easier. Including a room escape computer game, mechanical cipher machine, software used for encryption and decription and postcards with codes.




    During the summer vacation, due to G20 Summit in Hangzhou, our team had to carry some of our experimental materials away from our own lab, and shared the lab with other teams in China. In the train station, we passed the safety inspection successfully without any inquiry or check. Obviously, everything we carried was harmless. However, the detection for biological products arose our interest, and we did a research about the transportation safety in biology field.



    We are never alone in iGEM, experience sharing is a good way to get progress. And we care about the present situation and future of synthetic biology. So many meetups became part of our summer.

Meetups in our lab

    We have a tidy lab in ZJU, and are very pleased to have some visitors from other teams. This summer we held a meetup with HZAU, and another meetup with 5 other team(Nanjing-China, NJU-China, SYSU-China, NKU-China, Tsinghua). We discussed some problems that we faced and shared the experience of being an iGEMer.


CCiC in Guangzhou

    We attended CCiC held by SYSU-China, and presented our idea in front of 25 teams. Collaboration was established and ideas were exchanged. It was really a wonderful experience!


Synbiobeta in Shanghai
    We are very concerned about the future trend of synthetic biology. So we were very happy to attend Synbiobeta conference. Industry, research and sustainable development of Synbio were discussed in this conference. It made us to think more about what our project means to Synbio and its future expectations.


“iGEM and iGEMers in China for the past ten years and future expectations ” conference in Tianjin

    It has been ten years since iGEM was first introduced to China by Tianjin university. We attended this conference and got to know how iGEM developed in China. And we also got lots of inspiration.


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