Light control & AND gate
    The intensity of GFP/RFP fluorescence is related to the intensity of the input red/green light(Ig,Ir ) the concentration of the induce substance, which is directly related to the GFP fluorescence.Therefore, we attempt to explore the quantitative relationship between them and simulated relationship between the two inputs and one output of the integrated system.

    In our experiment, we have designed and performed the microfluidic devices, where the substrate inside wash the increasing AHL in the chamber room. On the one hand, we controlled the concentration of AHL in the chamber room, on the other hand, the diffusion of AHL realized the united oscillation among each chamber. Therefore, we constructed a model on the relationship between the flow rate of microfluidic and the concentration of AHL.
    We want to prove that the oscillation system and the light input model can be couplied in theory.Through the preliminary experiment, we can see that the bacteria concentration of fluorescent protein expression of AHL and the strength of bacteria is positively correlated. Therefore, we through modeling of the external AHL concentration, the results can be used to characterize the fluorescence intensity.

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