Team:JNFLS China


A prototype of quantitative, simple and cheap Alzheimer's disease monitoring device

Alzheimer is a disease prevailed in olds around the world and currently there hasn't had any effective treatment and the early diagnosis is hard to accomplish. Current research has already found that the fold change of specific kinds of microRNA has correlations with Alzheimer's development. To improve the diagnosis method, we are developing a rapid and simple diagnosis for Alzheimer’s disease using the different expression of microRNA between patients and healthy controls. A reporter carrier containing a repressed promoter is constructed, which opening is controlled by microRNA degrading or inhibiting repressor's mRNA. The accuracy of the system will be increased by the synergistic effect of repressor proteins. Combined with reporter gene, a couple of microRNAs will also be used to construct different plasmids to get efficient system which may offer prototype for massive detection accurately and fast in a massive scale.

——————WHAT’S NEW?——————

1.Novel detection methods: After the introduction of Alzheimer Disease (or simpler, AD), our team decided to design a new system of AD diagnosis. A molecular diagnosis of AD will be achieved by cheaper, safer and simpler methods.

2.A complete mathematical model:We believe that an excellent model is supposed to be based on the experiment and be used on the experiment. The model has experienced a complete process of "Found"-"Adjust"-"Test"-"Predict". Thus we start our journey of mathematical modeling.

3.Harvest from social practice:Doubts from actual-involved citizens gave us the hint on directions of improving our project, which is how to make it easier for public to comprehend and accept it. So we developed our device 2.0 and 3.0.