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members and attributions

Two PIs

Dr. Keli Tian
Being the first PI, I spent this whole summer vacation with these high school students who are interested deeply in Synthetic Biology and iGEM. I enjoyed meeting and working alongside so many driven young individuals, who worked tirelessly to bring their ideas to life. I’m so proud of these young girls and boys. I am a quiet person, but I love to stay with these young people, because they can influence me with their energy and vitality. Besides the work, I love to travel, do yoga and spend time with my friends and family!

Na Su
I am a Biology teacher in Jinan Foreign Language School. In the spring 2016, I was invited to be the second PI for the iGEM team JNFLS_China. And I found I was interested in Synthetic Biology and iGEM gradually. I really enjoyed seeing that my students were doing experiments in the lab. iGEM offers them an amazing opportunity to make their idea to reality. This is the first iGEM team in Shandong province. I hope these students can continue this activity, which let more and more students to participate in iGEM

Two Instructors

Wei Tian
I am the instructor of iGEM team JNFLS_China, as well as the homeroom teacher of some team members in Jinan Foreign Language School. Passion and enthusiasm are the two most important things accompanying my teaching work, so I spare no effort in helping my brilliant students to go forward. I pay hard effort, but meanwhile, I gain much more than that. It is their bright future that lights my teaching career. Besides those mentioned above, I am also a big fan of sports after work.

Dr. Xia Xu
It is my honor to be an instructor of JNFLS_China. I am responsible for the safety of whole team members in the lab. They were trained before the experiment starting. In the whole processes, I sensed the passion of these high school students in this summer. All of them are very interested in Synthetic Biology and iGEM competition. They worked hard and sometimes they worked till the midnight in the lab. However they learned a lot and they are growing researchers. They had lot of fun in this summer!

Five Advisors:

Zhi Sun
Giving advices on construction of the team,development of the project,design of the experiment and etc.

Yang Yang
Giving advices on development of the project,design of the experiment and etc

Fei Xie
I am a graduate student in Shandong University, major in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. I am a kind of person who is easily moved and somewhat of a perfectionist, even in small things, and I do need more self-confidence to see a thing through to the end. I love reading, which can give me happiness and quiet. I really enjoy my life now, although I still have many dreams to chase. In this summer, being an advisor, I got involved in iGem and synthetic biology.

Xiaofei Liu
I am Xiaofei Liu, I am studying in Shandong University, and I will graduate in July, 2017. I am now skilled in a variety of experimental skills. In addition to learning the professional knowledge and my own research topics, I also like to listen to music, to see the film. TV is my most love; the Game of Thrones is my favorite, looking forward to the return of seventh sets of super. I also like to travel, the future plan is to travel around the world, as well as a good study of music and dance.

Lin Ge
Hello everyone, my name is Ge Lin, I major in Biochemistry and molecular biology and I will graduate from Shandong University in July, 2017. During the past two years, under the strict guidance of my tutor, I have learned systematically the theory of profession and gotten the basic manipulative skills. In the mean time, I developed quality of diligence, responsibility, kindness and honesty. I’m very happy to be an advisor of JNFLS_China. iGEM is fun and creative.

Student Leaders:

Peiyue Zhuang
My name is Peiyue Zhuang, a student from Jinan Foreign Language School, mainly responsible for human practice. My interest is on social activities and relationships, so being in charge of human practice in our team is such an exciting challenge for me! My personal hobby is debate, which isn’t very popular in China, but I regard it as an indispensable ability to build up one’s personality. Other than debate, reading history and writing plays are also my favorite to do in my spare time.

Yujia Liu
My name is Yujia Liu. When I was 5 years old, I decided to be a scientist in the future, and I keep on going toward this direction. I love exploring the world and designing new tools. In my free time, I read a lot of books about biology and also other various subjects. Sometimes I play music. Those hobbies makes me happy and I can relax from academic projects. Besides doing some experiments, I am also responsible for math modeling in our team.

Xueer Han
William Han, a young high school student from JFLS. ‘I can devote nothing but all my time, effort and passion to the career I love.’ We like biology. Biology is a study of the funniest, prettiest most important thing here on earth: life. Some say that the 21st century is belongs to biology. I totally agree. There is a bright future in the future of biology even though the road of which is a long and twisty one. But still, my friend, we need carry on. No matter what kind of obstacle is waiting for us, there is no chance for us to run away like a coward. Biologists are explorers and the one who have passion and will of carry on.


Haibei Jiang
I am Haibei Jiang, a 15 years old girl, from Jinan Foreign Language School. My favorite subjects are Biology and Chemistry. My hoobby is swimming and playing Zither. My dream Job is to be a surgeon. I felt much pleasure in the process of preparing for iGEM competition and I learned a myriad of knowledge when I do the experiment and the scientific research. I join the iGEM Competition just because of my deep interest of Biology and the curious of comprehensive experiment. It’s fantastic experience!

Quan Gao
I'm Quan Gao, a girl who loves handcraft and reading books with sunshine and can face everyday with smile. I am fond of science very much. Biology and mathematics are the most amazing subjects for me in the world. So I am very happy to participate this iGEM competition. For me, exploring new fields and recovering the aspect I have already known are my dreams. Being in this competition is an awesome and unforgettable experience during my life. We had lots of fun in this summer and I really enjoyed this program.

Xin Wen
Hi, My name is Xin Wen, I'm from Jinan foreign language school international center. All my friends think I am an extravert. I love a lot, I love guitar, love to sing, love dancing and love playing the piano. I am open-minded, quick in thought and very fond of biology. In my spare time I like finding some interesting experiments' videos on the internet and try to do them by myself. I really got interested in synthetic biology and iGEM. I spent a very happy time in the lab with my team membesr in this summer.

Tianhong Wang
Hello everyone, My name is Tianhong Wang, I'm from Shandong Experimental High School. I can play guitar, I love singing. I am a character,cheerful boy,I like playing football and table tennis in my spare time. Because my parients are doctors, they always talk about biology science, and our bookshelf is packed with all kinds of medical books. So I read a lot of biology books in my spare time. Also I got some knowledge from internet. Sometimes, when I find some interesting experiments, I will try to do them by myself. I really got interested in synthetic biology and iGEM.

Zeyang Li
I'm Zeyang Li, a senior high school student. As the founder of BC (biochemistry club) in our school, a club holding seminars and working on biochemistry projects, I have deep understandings of chemistry on a molecular level. I built a chemistry lab in my garage by myself and investigated simple reactions. I'm also a lab assistant in Shandong Agricultural University, molecular biology department. Besides, I am keen to Chinese calligraphy and playing the piano. Participating iGEM is an awesome thing in this summer! It’s like to be an gene player.


☆ Two Pis:

All the experiments were performed at the lab of which PI is Professor Keli Tian in Shandong University. And some fund was supported by Keli Tian’s research team. We’d like to appreciate professor Tian and her research team members here!

Na Su is the Biology teacher of some iGEM team members in Jinan Foreign Language School. She involved in solving some academic problems in the research process.

☆ Instructors:

Dr. Xia Xu who works in the Keli Tian’s lab is responsible for the security of all the team members. She gave some training to us about safety rules and regulations, how to use safe equipments and the emergency response.

Wei Tian, as a homeroom teacher in Jinan Foreign Language School, is responsible for organizing some activities, such as meet-up activity of team members, propagation iGEM at school.

☆ Advisors:

Zhi Sun is an undergraduate student of Agriculture University of Nanjing. He helped the JNFLS_China team to design the gene circuit and gave some important suggestions on wiki writing.

Yang Yang who is also an undergraduate student of Agriculture University of Nanjing gave some help in construction of recombinant DNA.

Fei Xie, as a graduate student of Shandong University, directed the high school students how to use microplate reader and analyze data.

Xiaofei Liu and Lin Ge, both are also graduate students in the lab, supervised us security when we performed experiments and helped us to resolve some problems we met in the lab.

☆ Students:

Peiyue Zhuang is a student leader of JNFLS_China team, from Jinan Foreign Language School. In addition to doing some experiments, she is mainly responsible for the human practice work, including interview with the old and the neurological doctor, propagation iGEM in Jinan Foreign Language School, and organizing activity to the Shandong Science and Technology Museum, etc.

Yujia Liu, from Jinan Foreign Language School, is another student leader. Besides doing some experiments, analyzing data, she is mainly responsible for completing the mathematics model.

Xueer Han is also a student leader. He is mainly responsible for wiki writing, poster writing and does some experiments.

Haibei Jiang participates in some experiments, such as assay fluorescence signals, construction of recombinant DNA, etc.

Xin Wen does some experiments, including E.coli culture, plasmid extraction, microplate reader assay, Flow cytometer assay, etc.

Quan Gao does some experiments, such as recombinant DNA construction, electrophoresis test, and giving lecture to the old in the nursing home (one of our human practice work).

Tianhong Wang is a student of Shandong Experimental High School. He participates in both wiki writing and mathematic model work in the project, in addition to some experiments.

Zeyang Li is from Jinan Foreign Language School, too. He participates in some experiment work, for example, prepare the experiment, analyze data and take part in the human practice, etc.

☆ Others:

Huiyu Li who is an undergraduate student of University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, provided some important suggestions on research design and wiki writing.

Dr. Wei Wu is a neurological doctor of Qilu Hospital. Before we started our project, he gave us some introduction about Alzheimer’s disease basic situation, diagnosis and treatment which inspired our project.