Starts a Plastic Revolution with Mealworms' Gut Bacteria


Our Research Focuses on...

   Bacteria is a vital decomposer in our everyday lives. It decomposes and recycles things that can be reused in the nature. Our team came to think that this beneficial bacterium might be a solution to the problem regarding increasing trash in the Earth. Of all projects attempting to solve trash problems, research about plastic degrading bacteria is the most popular. However, our team felt that the research has not been efficient enough and fast enough to solve the fundamental problem. Through this research, as a student, we hope to dedicate to what our society is facing.
   The fundamental purpose of the research is to generate a more efficient and fast plastic degrading process through the plastic degrading bacteria and make plastic bacteria practically usable. The current bacteria are slow in degrading speed and low in degrading quantity, so our research hopes to find better solution for efficiency.